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Founded, Date/Place: 4th Jan, 1969, Makurdi
Founder: Bishop Donal Murray, C.S.S.p
Canonical Status: Diocesan Right, 21 Dec, 2003
Motto: Christ to the World
Charism: Joyful celebration of the Incarnation, hospitality and simplicity in lifestyle, dedication to service and acceptance of challenges
Mission Statement: We the Sisters of the Nativity, as witnesses to the Gospel in our time, share in the mission of the Church to promote basic human living with special care for the poor and the marginalized
Generalate: Our Generalate is located in Makurdi, Benue State.


Superior General: Sr. Anna Abba, SON

Sisters of the Nativity P.O. Box 813, Makurdi, Benue State

Mobile: 08121947736

Private: omadason88@gmail.com

Our Apostolate

Once upon a time, there was great rejoicing in the Catholic Diocese of Makurdi, Benue State, over the birth of a very beautiful new born girl child, the Sisters of the Nativity.

This beautiful thing happened during the Nigerian civil war on 4th January, 1969. Our founder, Bishop Donald Murray, CSSp of Makurdi Diocese, being a man and not feeling capable to play mid-wife to this new born and bring her up, invited the Missionary sisters of the Holy Rosary who carefully nurtured and journeyed with, us till we matured and became autonomous.

Who Are We?
We are consecrated Africa women who follow Christ with the specific motto: Christ to the world. We live out our consecration and the mot to through sharing in Christ’s ministry of teaching, healing and preaching by the quality of our presence and service in our prophetic witness through our apostolates of schools hospitals, pastoral, social work and youth care, we show a special care for the poor and the marginalized in our work giving particular attention to the needs of the youth, woman and children.

The charism of this vibrant, close knitted group the sisters of the Nativity is joyful celebration of the Incarnation of Christ, God-made man. It entails hospitality and simplicity in life style, dedication to service, acceptance of challenges and a love for each other that turns outwards to people making them at home with Christ.

At the moment the Congregation has 55 professed members, 34 of which are finally professed Membership to the Congregation of the sisters of Nativity is open to young woman with normal intelligence, good health, desire to give oneself to God and to serve others. Evidence of good Christian living, ability to live with and work with others (those whom God shall call to this particular form of Christian living). Lay associate members also have a place to journey with us.

Our Formation
Our formation is divided into three phases:
aspirancy, postulancy and novitiate.

The aspirancy period is the come and see state when the young woman make the initial contact with us. This period can last for a year or more depending on the readiness of the candidate and the assessment of the vocation committee. When the young woman has her five credits including English language and is deemed suitable, she is admitted into the postulancy. Other candidates who posses higher certificates also have a place in our Congregation.

The Postulancy And Novitiate/Location
These are the formal formation years. They last for four years – two years of postulancy and two years of novitiate.

Postulancy years are basically deepening of the Christian faith and further nurturing in the young woman the movements of the spirit in her heart and an introduction to the charism of the Congregation. The two years of novitiate are years when the young woman is introduced to the basic tenets of the religious charism.

When those responsible for the training of the candidate evaluate them as suitable and ready, the Congregation admits to the first profession where they make vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. The vows are lived after the example of Christ, the master as set out for us in the gospels.

Our postulancy is at Agyaragu , Lafia diocese and novitiate is in Otukpo diocese at Ugbokolo.

Our Presence
The Congregation is slowly but surely and steadily growing. We have a presence in Makurdi, Gboko, Katsina- Ala, Otukpo, and Lafia Dioceses as well as Abuja Archdiocese.

Recently, this Congregation has taken a bold step to go on mission in far away Australia. The first African Congregation to venture into witnessing on the shores of a continent farthest from Africa. Three of our members are on mission to Australia.

In our witnessing we strive to be qualitatively different bearing in mind our founder’s motto: If there is a job to be done, Nativity can do it. If it is very difficult, Nativity can do it. If it is impossible, Nativity can do it.

Sisters In Perpetual Vows

  1. Sr. Mary Olofu
  2. Sr. Lucy Viashima
  3. Sr. Faustina Ede
  4. Sr. Helen Adah
  5. Sr. Juliana Ameh
  6. Sr. Jacinta Eje
  7. Sr. Caroline Bulya
  8. Sr. Blessing Okpe
  9. Sr. Grace Shiedu
  10. Sr. Mary Ogoh
  11. Sr. Bridget Abah
  12. Sr. Philomena Biemdoo
  13. Sr. Susan Tonguve
  14. Sr. Christiana Chia
  15. Sr. Benedicta Namaka
  1. Sr. Irene Tarbo
  2. Sr. Victoria Orinya
  3. Sr. Regina Amadu
  4. Sr. Justina Jor
  5. Sr. Josephine Borogo
  6. Sr. Philomena Atela
  7. Sr. Mercy Akoh
  8. Sr. Theresa Nezan
  9. Sr. Grace Onaivi
  10. Sr. Mary Anom
  11. Sr. Jovita Kaior
  12. Sr. Anthonia Ogbeche
  13. Sr. Roseline Okolo
  14. Sr. Mary Iber
  15. Sr. Rose Agbo
  1. Sr. Fidelia Nnamani
  2. Sr. Anna Abba
  3. Sr. Christiana Obe
  4. Sr. Grace Abakpa
  5. Sr. Maria Simon
  6. Sr. Monica Akpam
  7. Sr. Helen Okoye
  8. Sr. Julie Ogbole
  9. Sr. Paulina Obidiozor
  10. Sr. Esther Ameh
  11. Sr. Grace Adikwu
  12. Sr. Rose Idoko
  13. Sr. Elizabeth Ansambe
  14. Sr. Rosemary Omelenyi
  15. Sr. Gloria Isiwu K

Number Of Sisters In Temporary Vows – 15


  1. Sr. Joyce Nongo
  2. Sr. Rosemary Mamman
  3. Sr. Magdalene Yakubu
  1. Helen Eluma
  2. Sr. Winifred Bernard