Superior: Rev. Sister Christiana Kure

Brief History Of The Congregation/Order


The origins of the Sisters of St Louis can be traced back to 1797 to Turkenstein near Strasbourg, when three people (Abbé Louis Joseph Colmar, Marie Madeline Louise Humann, andMarie Thérèse Brek) signed a spiritual act of union, where they promised to remain united together in the heart of Christ until death, to fulfil Christ’s prayer. A few decades later, this union profoundly influenced a priest named Louis Marie Eugène Bautain, and in 1842, he officially founded the Institute of St Louis in Juilly, outside Paris. Louis Marie Eugène Bautain was guided by the phrase “Sint Unum – May they be one”, taken from Our Lord’s Prayer at the last supper (John 17:22). His vision of one world, healed, unified, and transformed, continues to inspire all the Sisters do today.

The Institute of men and women was approved by Rome in July, 1844, but by 1850, the priests disbanded, leaving the Sisters remaining in the order. In 1859, the first Irish foundation was established in Monaghan, and two years later, they separated from France on the orders of their Bishop, who did not wish for them to be governed from there. For the next few decades, the Irish and French Institutes expanded separately across Ireland and France. In 1903, the first Belgian foundation was established by the French Institute, and in 1912, the first English foundation was established from Ireland. By the end of the Second World War, numbers had declined signficantly in the French Institute, and in 1952, it amalgamated with the St Louis Institute in Ireland.

The first St Louis missions outside of Europe began in the middle of the 20th century, to Ghana in 1947, Nigeria in 1948, and California in 1949. In 1978, a mission from California was established in Brasil. A mission was established in Benin in 2001 by the Sisters of St Louis in Nigeria. In 2013, another mission was established in Dawhan, Ethiopia, by the Central Leadership Team, with volunteers from Ghana and Nigeria as members of the community, who are engaged in ministries of education, women empowerment and sanitation. In 2018, a decision was made to keep the Foundation House in Juilly, France, and Sisters from Ghana and Nigeria are members of the community.

Today, there are approximately 380 Sisters living across these regions and engaging in a variety of ministries, including community development, education, healthcare and pastoral care. Despite ageing and declining numbers in some areas, new members are joining every year in countries such as Benin, Ghana and Nigeria.

The spirit of Sint Unum still thrives today and the Sisters and lay Associates continue to contribute to and enrich local communities worldwide.

Canonical Status: Pontifical Right, July 1844

Motto: Sint Unum

Charism: Ut Sint Unum – That All May Be One (Oneness In Christ Through Education, Pastoral Work And Care Of The Sick Motivated By God’s Love)

Sisters Of St Louis: Mission Statement:

We, Sisters of St Louis, faithful to our call “That all may be one” (John 17:21) commit ourselves to live God’s love for the whole of creation, and especially to stand in solidarity with those who have no choice – the poor and marginalised. As women of prayer, faithful to the vision of our founders, we challenge ourselves to respond to the radical call to conversion which is at the heart of the Gospel, and so to growing freedom, courage and resourcefulness in responding to the needs of our times.

Through all our ministries, we resolve to work to transform unjust structures and promote peace, reconciliation and the integrity of creation.

Rejoicing in and struggling with our diversity, we listen to the Spirit in each other and in those with whom we collaborate, and so become a community in service of the mission entrusted to us by Christ.

VISION STATEMENT: A World Healed, Unified and Transformed through the Saving Wisdom of Christianity
APOSTOLATE & PURPOSE: Community Development, Education, Healthcare, Pastoral Care and Women Empowerment.
POSTAL ADDRESS: St. Louis Provincialate, No7 Windmill Street Kolapo Ishola GRA, Akobo P.O Box 22482 U.I. Ibadan Oyo State
EMAIL: Sslprov2@Gmail.Com

Formation Houses And Contact/Phone Numbers:

  • St. Louis Postulate, Dassa, Benin Republic: +2299795921
  • St. Louis Novitiate, Akure, Ondo State: P.O. Box 26, Ondo Bypass, Akure Ondo State. 07034844668

No7 Windmill Street Kolapo Ishola GRA, Akobo Ibadan Oyo State,

PHONE NO: 07053998361

DATE AND PLACE FOUNDED: 1842, Juilly, France

FOUNDER (ESS): Louis Marie Eugène Bautain


  1. Sr. Abaukaka Grace
  2. Sr. Abba Agnes
  3. Sr. Abba Mary Jo
  4. Sr. Abe Titi
  5. Sr. Abiriyi Eunice
  6. Sr. Abuh Lucy
  7. Sr. Adebayo Agnes
  8. Sr. Adeboye Matilda
  9. Sr. Adeforiti Christiana
  10. Sr. Adegoroye Christiana
  11. Sr. Adekayero Martina
  12. Sr. Adelegan Catherine
  13. Sr. Adeluyi Agnes
  14. Sr. Adenle Lucia
  15. Sr. Adeya Monica
  16. Sr. Agada Pam Maria
  17. Sr. Aghoghovia Perpetua
  18. Sr. Agum Bridget
  19. Sr. Ahuna Judith
  20. Sr. Ajayi Juliana
  21. Sr. Ajuonuma Vivian
  1. Sr. Akhimien Florence
  2. Sr. Akinjiola Ann
  3. Sr. Akinnusoye Lucia
  4. Sr. Akin-Otiko Rita
  5. Sr. Akinwotu Stella
  6. Sr. Akinwunmi Francisca
  7. Sr. Akpa Esther
  8. Sr. Alonge Rachel
  9. Sr. Amadi Ann
  10. Sr. Ameh Alice
  11. Sr. Amoko Fidelia
  12. Sr. Anaehobi Maryanne
  13. Sr. Apo Perpetua
  14. Sr. Aranmonise Eunice
  15. Sr. Ariyo Martina
  16. Sr. Arokoyo Christiana
  17. Sr. Azubuike Clara
  18. Sr. Babalola Agnes AdeFunke
  19. Sr. Biyab Christiana
  20. Sr. Buseni RitaMary
  21. Sr. Chindo Martha
  1. Sr. Christopher Linda
  2. Sr. Daniel Laurencia
  3. Sr. Dauda Margaret
  4. Sr. Dibie Constance
  5. Sr. Didam Susan
  6. Sr. Ebegbulem Patricia
  7. Sr. Egbeleke Juliana
  8. Sr. Ehikioya Maria
  9. Sr. Ehiosu Faith
  10. Sr. Ekhareafo Gladys
  11. Sr. Elelegu Gertrude
  12. Sr. Emmanuel Ijanada
  13. Sr. Eneanya Anthonia
  14. Sr. Esther Pam
  15. Sr. Ewedeyi Agnes
  16. Sr. Ewuoso Francisca
  17. Sr. Eziechi Louise
  18. Sr. Fafila Catherine
  19. Sr. Faluru Francisca
  20. Sr. Familade Roseline Bukola
  21. Sr. Fatoba Roseline
  22. Sr. Francis Angelina
  1. Sr. Godwin Mary
  2. Sr. Ibiang Christiana
  3. Sr. Ibrahim Monica
  4. Sr. Ihechere Justina
  5. Sr. Ilo Maria
  6. Sr. Isaac Celestina
  7. Sr. Iwok Grace
  8. Sr. James Roseline
  9. Sr. Jatau Judith
  10. Sr. Joan Swanta
  11. Sr. John Mary
  12. Sr. Joseph RoseMary
  13. Sr. Kpadonou Pascaline
  14. Sr. Kure Christiana
  15. Sr. Lengpang Cecilia
  16. Sr. Long`Ep Maureen
  17. Sr. Makinde Janet
  18. Sr. Mann Isabel
  19. Sr. Mary Remilekun John
  20. Sr. Mayaki Immaculata
  21. Sr. Mbara Juliana
  22. Sr. Monehin Bridget