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Founded, Date/Place: Februar 2, 1986, Molfetta, Italy.
Founder: Venerable Rev. Fr. Ambrose Grittani
Canonical Status: Diocesan Right
Motto: Charitas Christi Urget Nos!
Charism: Meeting Jesus in the Poor
Mission Statement: One heart with three arrows which are the three loves of the Apostolate: the poor, the rich and the priests.. “it is necessary for the oblates to be holy, perfumed especially with that great virtue which is the soul of the Apostolate : the Christian Charity; the love of God and Neighbours; Solidly based on works and not on desire, love which treats the neighbour as oneself, I would say, more than oneself”
Purpose: The Oblates are Eucharistic persons called to make themselves servant of the poor

Superior Augustine Chinyere

Delegate Superior, Augustina Chinyere Efuneshi, OSBJL
Oblate Sisters of St. Benedict Joseph Labre
No 4A Adelabu Estate,
Umuahia- Abia State
Mobile: 08169618336

Sisters In Perpetual Vows

1.Sr. Gemma Picaro
2.Sr. Giusepina Sasso
3.Sr. Cecilia Filoni
4.Sr. Lucia Migali
5.Sr. Angela Micello
6.Sr. Maddalena Chirello
7.Sr. Agatha Vincnti

8.Sr. Rita Piccinno
9.Sr. Francesca Gigante
10.Sr. Luisa Gigante
11.Sr. Beartolomea Altamura
12.Sr. Giovanna Pezzulla
13.Sr. Rosaria Romana
14.Sr. Clelia Catacchio

15.Sr. Assunta De Chirico
16.Sr. Tarcisia Carbone
17.Sr. Piera Ferraro
18.Sr. Rosa Chirarea
19.Sr. Anna Coluco
20. Augustina Chinyere Efuneshi
21.Sr. Lucy Nganya

22.Sr. Mary Egwim
23.Sr. Cordelia Ugwubujor
24.Sr. Roseline Madu
25.Sr. Leze Noka
26.Sr. Prisca Nwokorie
27.Sr. Calister Nwokeocha
28.Sr. Donika Marcus

Necrology And Date

1. Sr. Maria Picaro (1969)
2. Sr. Ambrogino Capati (1969)
3. Mother Giuhana (1969)
4. Sr. Margherita Annese (1997)
5. Mother Gemma Picaro (30th August, 2009)
6. Sr. Pieria Ferrara (8th November, 2011)
7. Sr. Frances Gigante (12th June, 2017)
8. Lucia Migali (15th December, 2021)

Golden Jubilarian

1.Sr. Tarcisia Carbone
2 Sr. Rosa Marino
3 Sr. Rosaria Romana
4 Sr. Assunta De Chirico
5 Sr. Magdalen Chiarello
6 Sr. Madre Giovanna Pezzulla

Contact/Residential Address

Sr. Nicholas Parish, Sisters’ house.
Nsukwe Ubakala Umuahia,
Abia State.