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Founded, Date/Place:  1919, Marino (Rome) Diocese Of Albano

Founder:   Mons. Guglielmo Grassi

Canonical Status:  Diocesan Right

Motto:  Work And Pray

Charism:  Humble Auxiliaries Of The Clergy

Mission Statement: Collaborating In Diocesan And Parochial Work, Assisting The Priests In Their Ministry And To Have Particular Attention To The Poor And Needy

Purpose:  To Offer Its Service To The Local Church

Arrival Date In Nigeria:  We Arrived On The 13th Of Nov. 1994.

Location Of Generelate:  It Is Located In Marino (Rome) Albano Diocese.

Location Of Principal House In Nigeria:  It Is Located In Amiri (Orlu Diocese).

Location Of Formation House:  The Location Of Formation Houses We Have Are:
One In Marino (Albano Diocese). Secondly, In Amiri (Orlu Diocese).

Regional Superior: Sr. M. Irene Ogudo C. LDJ

Little Disciples of Jesus (Sisters) Amiri,
P. O. Box 373 Orlu,
Orlu East L. G. A
Imo State,

MOBILE: 08035656958, 08065571797


The Congregation Of The Little Disciples Of Jesus
Was founded in Marino (Rome) in 1919 for a particular exigency of charity and by the apostolic anxiety of the parish priest Mons. Guglielmo Grassi. The first world war mobilized the able-bodied men in Italy and forced the young married women and mothers of children of tender age to bear the burden of rural labour.

Mons. G. Grassi founded a nursery school in Marino in order that these mothers could have the possibility to dedicate themselves to farming, he also established a secretariat correspondence for the families of the combatants and prisoners; and he organized an assistance for children and the old people. Those engaged, in this work, to collaborate with Mons. G. Grassi were a young widow and three young ladies from distinguished families in Marino, who with the spiritual direction of the same Mons. G. Grassi, afterwards disclosed their intention to live together and dedicate themselves to this charitable work with a total consecration to God.

At first, the families of these youths unable to understand how these could reduce themselves even unto cultivating the land, did not consent to such intention; whereas they carried out the most menial tasks with joy and ease. In Mons, G. Grassi, the value of studies was not lacking, even if he meant to reappraise manual labour which, according to him, when accompanied by intelligence and with love, was to be retained as a cooperation to God’s work of creation and a way of spiritual elevation, hence, he adopted for his spiritual daughters the Benedictine motto “ora et labora”, in Franciscan poverty and simplicity.

To realize the special aim of the Congregation, the “Little Disciples of Jesus” are engaged in:

♦ Collaborating in diocesan and parochial work;

♦ Promoting the education, Moral and Spiritual formation of children and the youths:

♦ Assisting the old people;

♦ Readiness to accept and other form of apostolate according to the necessity of time

Compassion for the Needy. It could be affirmed that the peculiar Charism of our Congregation is the increase of the spirit of parochialism among the faithful. Our Venerable Founder had a special preference for the poor, the simple, sick, our houses are always open for that assistance, animated by the spirit of the Gospel, and therefore offered with love and gratuitousness.

Spirituality, Simplicity And Humility
The Little Disciples of Jesus should love simplicity as their privilege. Religious life strips us of ourselves, and restores the simplicity ‘which we have lost. The “Little Disciples of Jesus” should love simplicity, if it should turn out to be importune, they should, prudently keep silent.

They should look all with simplicity recollecting the works of Jesus: “If your eye is sound, your whole body will be full of life; but if your eye is not sound, your whole body will be full of darkness” (Mt. 6,22),

The “Little Disciples of Jesus” cannot be worthy of the good name they bear, if they do not follow the divine Master in humility”, And humility neither means the desire to hide oneself away in timidity nor-self-love, but accepting, willingly humiliations and contempt.

Ministries Apostolate
There is no apostolic work without being sent. (Rom. 10: 15) The Little Disciples of Jesus promote primary Christian education of children and youths, teaching catechism in parochial ambit. We are humbly collaborators of the Clergy and Bishops like the first pious disciples of the Lord. Helping and assisting the old in their homes as well, taking on Christ’s feelings, we are the shadow of his image.

Special Contribution To The Church In Nigeria
The Little Disciples of Jesus promote primary Evangelization and catechesis, deepening their faith in God. The sisters also witness to the good news of love through spiritual Animation. We assist in the formation of Parish Catholic Association Movement, in order to help the youths to become Christians who are capable of promoting and looking after domestic homes according to the principles of the Gospel and the teaching of the church.

Names Of Places/Countries Where We Are:
At present the Congregation has eight (8) communities within and outside Nigeria and two formation houses.
The places where we can be found are:
Castelpetroso and Sierra Leone.

Sisters In Perpetual Vows

  1. Sr. Mary Irene Ogudo
  2. Sr. Georgiana Ezeka
  3. Sr. Doris Onwumere
  4. Sr. Anthonia Obidigbo
  5. Sr. Lilian Abagworo
  1. Sr. Augustina Okafor
  2. Sr. Lynder Ehujuo
  3. Sr. Mary Jane Nwosu
  4. Sr. Elizabeth Ogbanime

Number Of Sisters In Temporary Vows – 19