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Founded, Date/Place:  16th May 1821, Rome

Foundress:   Princess Teresa Orsini Doria Pamphili Landi

Canonical Status:  Pontifical Right, 1831

Motto:  To Be Sick With The Sick

Charism:  Hospitality

Mission Statement: Love For Mission To The Service Of The Sick


Superior General: Sr. Sophina Onyegbule, SOM

Hospitaller Sisters of Mercy,
Veritas University Female Hostel,
Mother of Mercy,
P. M. B. 7084, Aba 450001,
Abia State,

MOBILE: (+234) 09039231009


Our Apostolate

The Congregation of the Hospitaller was founded on 16 May 1821 by the Princess Teresa Orsini Doria Pamphilj Landi. She saw and was touched by the deteriorating state of the assistance given to the sick in the then Archiospital of Rome “SS. Salvatore and Sancta Santorum (St. John’s Hospital in Laterano Roma). Our Princess, with a pure and true spirit of faith and charity she dedicated herself to the service of the sick.

On May 16 1821, having obtained the consent of the Hospital Deputation and Authorization of His Holiness Pope Pius VII, Princess Teresa joyously accompanied the first four “Dame di Carita” to St. John’s Hospital Lateran Rome. This is how the journey of the Hospitaller Sisters of Mercy started.

In the 1831, Pope Gregory XVI declaring his Papal blessing on this Institute, expressed his hope that this new Congregation will continue to grow and assist the sick and the needy physically and spiritually. With his Apostolic Authority, Gregory XVI approved and consecrated the Congregation of the Hospitaller Sisters of Mercy and her Constitution and Directory. The Congregation is under the protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary Mother of Mercy and St. Aloysius Gonzaga whose Feasts we celebrate on 16 May and 21 June respectively.

The Congregation moved out for mission first in the year 1966 to the United States of America (New Jersey), then in 1978 India, Philippines 1983, Madagascar 1985, Switzerland 1989, Nigeria 1997 and to Poland 2002, Indonesia and Cameroun are in the process to be opened. We have our Formation Houses in four countries: Nigeria, Madagascar, India and Philippines. And we arrived in Nigeria on 20 May 1997. Here in Nigeria, we have communities in Cross River State, Abia State and Imo State. But some of the Nigerian sisters are also in Rome carrying out the work of mercy at the service of the sick.

The Nature Of Our Institute
With Profession of the Evangelical Counsels, Chastity, Poverty and Obedience, we consecrate ourselves totally to the love and glory of God following Christ to the service of the Church and for the good of souls. In this way, we progress to perfection and full maturity of the human person through the purification of our souls. And with the fourth Vow of the Hospital Ministry (which is particular to our Institute), we dedicate ourselves to the service of the sick and this constitutesthe special and specific nature of our Congregation.

Our lives and activities as a Hospitaller Sisters, have to be animated with a PARTICULAR SPIRIT OF LOVE for the SUFFERING CHRIST’S MYSTICAL BODY. “To be sick with the sick”. To be compassionate with the sick, to give heart and show mercy to the miserable. Our Spirituality is fixed on the Risen Lord, it is on the Mystery of the Cross. Bearing witness to Christ among the sick brethren.

A Charism is a particular and special grace/gift given to any founder which the members of the Congregation continue to live out and practice. Our Charism is a specific mission which predestines us to salvation. A Hospitaller Sister expresses and bears witness to God’s mercy towards her neighbours, the sick and the needy. We are disposed to serve in different capacities of assistance and care of the sick, the suffering, the abandoned and the aged rich and poor alike making them to feel the real presence of God in their lives and encouraging them. We dedicate ourselves to the work of mercy but above all to the service of the sick.

Our Foundress
The name of our Foundress is Princess Teresa Orsini Doria Pamphilj Landi, She was born on the 23rd March 1788 in Genova and she got married to Prince Luigi Doria on 2nd October 1808 and they were blessed with four children. Princess Teresa was a devout woman, very humble generous and loving. Though a Princess, she never looked down on others. She had a great love and concern for the sick, the poor, the needy and less privileged. In fact, in all the charity work she did, she never allowed it suffocate her obligations as a wife and mother. Her husband Prince Luigi supported and encouraged her. Our Princess died only ten years after the foundation of our Congregation. She died in the concept of sanctity on 3rd July 1831. In fact she is already proclaimed Servant of God.

Sisters In Perpetual Vows

  1. Sr. Felicia Onyenemerem
  2. Sr. Leona Osuji
  3. Sr. Sophina Onyegbule
  4. Sr. Bernadette Onuoha
  5. Sr. Victoria Chinwe Okafor
  6. Sr. Eucharia Ajaero
  7. Sr. Nerisa Arino Arostique
  8. Sr. Lucy Adinuso
  1. Sr. Christiana Obasi
  2. Sr. Reni Anthony
  3. Sr. Viola Adjaero
  4. Sr. Agnes Okoh
  5. Sr. Bridget Ukaegbu
  6. Sr. Monica Nnajiuba
  7. Sr. Bridget Agba
  8. Sr. Concilia Onuoha

Number Of Sisters In Temporary Vows – 8


Rev. Sr. Esther Ukamaka Ikedinobi 14th Nov. 2007