To work for the glory of God, the honour of the ever blessed Virgin Mary, for the sanctification of its members and the salvation of souls

Founded, Date/PlaceDecember 29, 1961, Umuahia, Nigeria
FounderMost Rev. Dr. Anthony Gogo Nwedo, CSSp.
Canonical StatusPontifical Right, 17th July, 1997
Motto“Ecce Ancilla Domini… Fiat”
CharismTo bear witness to the Mercy of God, by following the footsteps of Christ, the merciful Saviour and Mary our Mother of Mercy. This Mercy is expressed as compassion, forgiveness and kindness.
Mission StatementIn union with Christ and our Blessed Mother Mary, we go out to the poor and needy by showing Mercy to the spiritually, intellectually and physically poor, the underprivileged through working in orphanages, parishes, hospitals, homes and teaching in schools.
PurposeTo work for the glory of God, the honour of the ever blessed Virgin Mary, for the sanctification of its members and the salvation of souls.
Location of the GeneralateThe Generalate of Daughters of Mary Mother of Mercy is located at Ahiaeke Ndume, Umuahia, Abia State, Nigeria.
Location of Principal House in NigeriaAhiaeke Ndume, Umuahia, Abia State.

Superior General: Rev. Mother Mary Trinitas Obianika, DMMM

DMMM Generalate,
Ahiaeke Umuahia Ndume,
P. O. Box 1383, Umuahia,
Abia State

Mobile: 07063994505, 07065173816

Email: Email: Dmmmgen2011@Yahoo.Com


The Congregation of Daughters of Mary Mother of Mercy (DMMM) is an Institute of Religious life that is specifically dedicated to Mary Mother of Mercy. The Blessed Virgin Mary mirrors the mystery of God’s mercy in her concern and sensitivity which she shows to all who are in need and call to her for help.

DMMM Congregation has the goal to extol God’s infinite tenderness in the face of human weakness and misery. Looking up to Christ as model, the members imitate the incarnate Son of God in His mercy and compassion towards the poor, the downtrodden, and the rejected. The Daughters of Mary Mother of Mercy Congregation, in imitation of Christ the good Master, has undertaken to convey Christ to the less privilege and vulnerable members of our society through their apostolate.


The DMMM Congregation was founded on 29th December, 1961 by His Lordship, Most Rev. Dr. Anthony Gogo Nwedo C.S.Sp, (of Blessed Memory) the Pioneer Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Umuahia. His motivating drive was to build up the missionary territory of the Local Church entrusted to him, through the exemplary lives of the members. Its members live the three public Vows of Obedience, Chastity and Poverty. 

The Congregation started as a Pious Society with 29 young maidens when they were received at St. Xavier College, Bende. As the number of aspirants increased, the young community moved to Nbawsi, where the Mother House was thus built. In 1963, it became necessary to give the eight graduate aspirants the initial formation to religious life. Providence sent the Sisters of St. Peter Claver Congregation from Rome, who generously undertook to train the first group of the aspirants. The eight graduate aspirants started their pre-novitiate formation at the convent of the Sisters of St. Peter Claver in Ibadan. On 8th December, 1964, six of these aspirants were received in the Novitiate House of the Claverian Sisters in Rome.

These Foundation members: Sr. Mary Joseph Therese Iwenofu of Blessed Memory, Sr. Mary Anthony Josefa Igboka of Blessed Memory, Sr. Mary Mercy Nezieanya of Blessed Memory, Sr. Maria Concepta Okparaji of Blessed Memory, Sr. Mary Assumpta Nwulu and Sr. Maria Aloysius Onyenehide came back to Nigeria on 8th December, 1966, and made their First Religious Profession at St. Theresa’s Catholic Church, Afara Umuahia, Abia State, Nigeria.

The Congregation of Daughters of Mary Mother of Mercy was canonically erected as an Institute of Diocesan Right on January 17, 1962 by the Founder himself. On the recommendation of his successor, Most Rev. Dr. Lucius Iwejuru Ugorji, the Congregation was recognized as an Institute of Pontifical Right by the Congregation for the Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life by the Decree issued on February 2, 1994.


The Spirituality of the Congregation is based on the five virtues of: Charity, Humility, Prayer, Penance and Abandonment to the will of God. The members endeavour to live out these virtues in their communities and the various places of apostolate such as: the orphanages, schools, hospitals, homes, social services centres and other pastoral engagements. The sanctification of the members is achieved by their observance of the evangelical counsels and the salvation of souls. The Daughters through living a life of prayer and penance constitute themselves into a Spiritual Powerhouse, “making their very life a sign of the love of God for the world.”


Our Charism is “To Bear Witness To The Mercy Of God, by following the footsteps of Christ the merciful Saviour and Mary our Mother of Mercy. This Mercy is expressed as compassion, forgiveness and kindness.” The DMMM Sisters are embodiments of God’s mercy by their thoughts, words and actions among themselves and towards those they encounter.


The Congregation of Daughters of Mary Mother of Mercy from its inception has grown from strength to strength as they follow the footsteps of Christ, the Merciful Saviour and Mary our Mother of Mercy. The Congregation is now divided into six Regions namely: Abuja, Europe, Ibadan, Onitsha, Owerri and USA/Canada Regions. In December 2011, the DMMM Congregation celebrated the Golden Jubilee of its foundation.

Over the years, the Congregation has celebrated eight General Chapters where eight Superiors General were elected as follows:

  1. August 1979: Rev. Mother Mary Assumpta Nwulu
  2. August 1985: Rev. Mother Mary Paul Offiah (1st Tenure)
  3. August 1991: Rev. Mother Mary Paul Offiah (2nd Tenure)
  4. August 1997: Rev. Mother Mary Benigna Amadi
  5. August 2003: Rev. Mother Marie Pauline Eboh
  6. August 2009: Rev. Mother Mary Casimir Nwadiukwu
  7. August 2015: Rev. Mother Mary Angeleen Umezuruike
  8. August 2021: Rev. Mother Mary Trinitas Obianika

Each of these administrations contributed in a unique way to the growth of the Congregation thereby leaving their landmarks on the annals of the Congregation.  In August 2021, a new Administration was inaugurated to direct the affairs of the Congregation for six years:

Rev. Mother Mary Trinitas Obianika                          Superior General

Rev. Sr. Mary Chinwe Ekeoma                                  Vicar General

Rev. Sr. Agnesia Marie Ifeyinwa Acha                      Councillor

Rev. Sr. Mary Tochukwu Ike                                     Councillor

Rev. Sr. Edna Maria Ukpabi                                       Councillor

By divine providence, this year, the DMMM Congregation marks 60 years of its foundation.  In the spirit of thanksgiving to God for His blessings, 16 members of our Institute made their First Religious Profession of Vows and their Perpetual Profession respectively; while 57 Sisters celebrated their Silver Jubilee and 9 Sisters their Golden Jubilee of their First Religious Profession of Vows. Like a mustard seed, the DMMM Congregation has grown and spread its branches to continents of Africa, Europe and the United States of America.

We have a rich record of qualified Personnel for different apostolate we engage in, and other specific areas of need. We are grateful to God for all his blessings on our Sisters and our apostolate in the various Local Churches we serve.


The Daughters in imitation of Christ, the Merciful Saviour and Mary our Mother of Mercy will continue to bear witness to the mercy of God and positively impact on the lives of the poor and needy in different countries of the world. As the Congregation marks 60 years of its foundation, our task is to continue the work of evangelization through Authentic Witnessing In UnityCommunion And Mission As Daughters Of Mary Mother Of Mercy In The Contemporary Society.

We pray for God’s continued blessings in all our endeavours and for the maternal protection of our Mother of Mercy on our members, benefactors and those under our care.

Canonical Status Of The Congregation: Pontifical Right, February 2, 1994

Motto: “Ecce Ancilla Domini…Fiat’’

Charism: Our Charism is “To bear witness to the Mercy of God, by following the footsteps of Christ, the merciful Saviour and Mary our Mother of Mercy. This Mercy is expressed as compassion, forgiveness and kindness.”

Spirit: The Spirit of the Congregation is that of Charity, Humility, Prayer, Penance and Abandonment to the will of God.

Mission Statement: “Through the patronage of Mary, Mother of Mercy, the Daughters take Jesus to the poor and needy.”

Apostolate: Our Apostolic activities include care of the poor and needy.

  1. Taking Care Of Children And People With Physical And Mental Disability In Homes And Centres.
  2. Caring For Motherless Babies, Orphans And Abandoned Children. DMMM Sisters Work In Approved Orphanages Where Motherless Babies, Abandoned Children And Orphans Are Cared For.
  3. Caring For The Aged And Elderly In Homes.
  4. Hospital Apostolate: Caring For The Sick. Our Sisters Work In Health Institutes Such As: Hospitals, Counseling/Education Centres.
  5. Teaching Apostolate: Education Of The Youth/Teaching In Schools.
  6. Pastoral Ministry/Sacristy Work.

Purpose: For members to live a life of prayer and penance, care for the poor and needy; and to work for the glory of God, the honour of the ever Blessed Virgin Mary, for the sanctification of its members and the salvation of souls.

Postal Address Of The Congregation:

DMMM Generalate

Ahiaeke Ndume, Umuahia

  1. O. Box 1383, Umuahia

Abia State


Email Address Of The Congregation:

[Email Protected]

Website Address:

 Phone Number Of The Congregation: +234 (0)7063994505

Formation Houses And Contact/Phone Numbers:


DMMM Postulate House


Ohafia L. G. Area

Abia State.

Tel. 08060949399


DMMM Novitiate


Isiala North L. G. Area

C/O P. O. Box 1383, Umuahia

Tel. 08062612017

Contact Address/Residential Address Of The Congregation

DMMM Generalate

Ahiaeke Ndume, Umuahia

  1. O. Box 1383, Umuahia

Abia State


TEL: +234 (0)7063994505

Website Address: Date And Place Founded: 29th December, 1961, Umuahia, Abia State, Nigeria

Founder: Most Rev. Dr. Anthony Gogo Nwedo, C.S.Sp.

Sisters In Perpetual Vows

  1. Mary Assumpta Nwulu
  2. Mary Aloysius Onyenehide
  3. Mary Regis Ihejirika
  4. Mary Annunciata Nwosu
  5. Maria Antoinette Amauba
  6. Mary Eucharia Ugonna
  7. Mary Rosaria Udah
  8. Miriam Azode
  9. Mary Laetitia Chukwu
  10. Maria Consolata Onukafor
  11. Mary Stanislaus Ukwuije
  12. Mary Leonie Therese Iweh
  13. Mary Raphael Anyanwu
  14. Mary Perpetua Nwosu
  15. Mary Natalia Amadi
  16. Mary Dolorosa Ubalaka
  17. Mary Nkechinyere Njoku
  18. Mary Agnes Akaji
  19. Mary Eberechukwu Onwugbaramuko
  20. Mary Ifeanyichukwu Nwachukwu
  21. Mary Chijioke Emeribe
  22. Mary De Sales Eke
  23. Mary Chinonyelum Eke
  24. Mary Rose Uchechukwu Ndimele
  25. Mary Onyemauchechukwu Ngumezi
  26. Mary Michael Ifeanacho
  27. Mary Jane Frances Oguonu
  28. Mary Chidi Nwanya
  29. Mary Cajetan Nsofor
  30. Maria Coronata Osuagwu
  31. Mary Stella Okeadu
  32. Mary Josephine Okafor
  33. Onyekachi Marie Onyike
  34. Marie Pauline Eboh
  35. Mary Rose Annette Ehiem
  36. Mary Genevieve Okoro
  37. Mary Chinedum Osuorji
  38. Maria Cordis Onwuegbuna
  39. Mary Clementine Emele
  40. Maria Joannes Iroh
  41. Maria De Lourdes Dike
  42. Mary Benigna Amadi
  43. Mary Chukwubikem Obilor
  44. Maria Consilia Madumere
  45. Mary Gerard Nwagwu
  46. Maria Virginia Ajuzie
  47. Mary Rose Ekwebelam
  48. Maria Cecilia Onyekwuo
  49. Margaret Mary Okonkwo
  50. Maria Celine Echewa
  51. Mary Isabel Nwabuko
  52. Mary Angela Onuoha
  53. Maria Loretto Chinyere Emenogu
  54. Maria Benedicta Ezeobi
  55. Mary Prisca Nwogu
  57. Marie Humbline Nwaokoro
  58. Mary Bibiana Ononiwu
  59. Maria Amabilis Onuoha
  60. Marie Louise Nwosu
  61. Mary Noela Igbokwe
  62. Mary Dominic Diribe
  63. Mary Augustine Onwubiko
  64. Mary Ugochukwu Agbakwuru
  65. Mary Charles Chidolue
  66. Mary Xavier Chidubem Ohale
  67. Mary Chinelo Odom
  68. Mary Bonaventure Ezeukwu
  69. Mediatrix Akujuo
  70. Mary Vivian Therese Onuchukwu
  71. Mary Okechukwu Onwugbaramuko
  72. Mary Camillus Onunuju
  73. Mary Florence Onukwubiri
  74. Mary Bernadette Onwuzuruigbo
  75. Mary Justin Umekwe
  76. Mary Martin Agnes Ibewuike
  77. Mary Vianney Ajaelu
  78. Maria Resurrecta Nzeribe
  79. Mary Chukwuma Okafor
  80. Mary Bernadine Ezeala
  81. Maria Eucharista Nwokeji
  82. Maria Antoine Agwulonu
  83. Mary Chiedozie Iruka
  84. Mary Ogechi Nzuruike
  85. Mary Monica Okeke
  86. Maria Francisca Njoku
  87. Mary Berchmans Aligekwe
  88. Maria Anayochukwu Iye
  89. Maria Christine Ndukwe
  90. Mary Catherine Nweke
  91. Mary Chinwe Ekeoma
  92. Mary Joseph Anne Emeh
  93. Mary Chibueze Alisigwe
  94. Mary Chikamnele Okorie
  95. Mary Samuel Therese Nwolisa
  96. Mary Chukwudi Mbamala
  97. Mary Gabrieli Ekezie
  98. Mary Colette Onyeocha
  99. Mary Loretto Therese Azu
  100. Mary Sylvia Uka
  101. John Mary Okwuduba
  102. Mary Paschaline Anyanwu
  103. Mary Vitalis Chigbu
  104. Mercy Maria Egbeji
  105. Maria Evangelista Oparaocha
  106. Mary Joachim Nwosu
  107. Maria Stephen Oloko
  108. Mary Daniel Ikeh
  109. Maura Lourdes Amaechi
  110. Mary Magdalene Mkpo
  111. Mary Appolonia Egbuchulem
  112. Mary Barbara Orisakwe
  113. Mary Damian Nwoko
  114. Maria Regina Osondu
  115. Mary Chinyere Emengaha
  116. Mary Chigozie Ekenwoke
  117. Mary Consolatrix Obi
  118. Mary Valentine Ihemembi
  119. Mary Felicitas Iheoha
  120. Mary Bruno Onyebuchi
  121. Mary Chibuanuli Okoro
  122. Mary Beatrice Chukwumezie
  123. Mary Chukwuletam Ugocha
  124. Mary Irene Agina
  125. Mary Philipa Okwulehie
  126. Ann Mariette Chikezie
  127. Mary Madonna Onyeukwu
  128. Mary Modestus Obasi
  129. Mary Felix Ogini
  130. Mary Casimir Nwadiukwu
  131. Mary Eustace Onuegbu
  132. Joseph Mary Okoro
  133. Mary Basil Nosike
  134. Mary Christopher Okafor
  135. Mary Austin Iwuoha
  136. Mary Scholastica Igboanugo
  137. Mary Patrice Nsionu
  138. Mary Grace Amakwe
  139. Mary Julia Mbata
  140. Anne Marie Uwakwe
  141. Mary Ndidiamaka Nnorom
  142. Mary Callistus Nwezeakor
  143. Mary Chima-Stella Nwachukwu
  144. Mary Pachelia Ajuzie
  145. Maria Alma Igwe
  146. Maria Fidelitas Ogbuehi
  147. Mary Udochukwu Obiajunwa
  148. Maria Christa Njoku
  149. Maria Finnian Chukwu
  150. Mary Angeleen Umezuruike
  151. Mary Chika Ebere Nwankwo
  152. Mary Ifunanyachukwu Igwe
  153. Marie Anita Ogbonna
  154. Mary Arinzechukwu Anyaso
  155. Mary Linda Nwaogu
  156. Marie Laboure Okoroafor
  157. Mary Bride Odoemelem
  158. Mary Carmelita Echebiri
  159. Mary Sixtus Aku
  160. Maria Viola Cordis Anyanwu
  161. Mary Chidulue Patricia Onyeje
  162. Mary Paulinus Uwakwe
  163. Mary Chinenye Osuji
  164. Cosmas Mary Njoku
  165. Mary Celestine Aririguzo
  166. Mary Dorothy Korie
  167. Mary John Henry Ekedigwe
  168. Bernadette Mary Osuji
  169. Rex Marie Onyeizu
  170. Mary Ogochukwu Iheanacho
  171. Mary Patrick Therese Iguduobi
  172. Mary Chiamaka Igwe
  173. Mary Onyedikachi Njoku
  174. Mary Anne Ngadu
  175. Mary Fortunata Okoronkwo
  176. Noel Marie Agba
  177. Mary Raphaela Ikeazota
  178. Maria Bibiana Patience Ogbonnaya
  179. Agnesia Marie Ifeyinwa Acha
  180. Mary Rose Confidence Amaku
  181. Mary Germaine Amaku
  182. Mary Roselima Chikeme
  183. Mary Francklyn Ofoma
  184. Mary Chioma Otunne
  185. Mary Kyrian Ononiwu
  186. Maria Chidiebere Akpaka
  187. Mary Nicholas Anyaegbu
  188. Mary Hilda Uzokwe
  189. Mary Fortunatus Ezeugo
  190. Mary Cynthia Obidike
  191. Mary Chinazom Ajaero
  192. Mary Onyebuchi Nwaogwugwu
  193. Mary Obiomachukwu Osueke
  194. Mary Tochukwu Ike
  195. Jennifer Maris Otuonye
  196. Mary Chilee Okoko
  197. Mary Anulichukwu Njoku
  198. Mary Rita Ihemekwere
  199. Mary Benedict Ejezie
  200. Mary Chidimma Okonkwo
  201. Mary Valentina Nnadozie
  202. Mary Chizobam Muomah
  203. Mary Chetachi Chikezie
  204. Mary Laurence Ugoaru
  205. Marie Cecile Utsalo
  206. Mary Chiemezuo Emelda Okereke
  207. Mary Ifechukwu Ahamefule
  208. Mary Gemita Ikeazota
  209. Mary Chigoziri Njoku
  210. Mary Amarachi Ndukwu
  211. Mary Chidera Ekezie
  212. Mary Andrea Okafor
  213. Mary Chinazam Ukaegbu
  214. Mary Olivia Nwozuru
  215. Mary Ogonna Iwu
  216. Jeanne Marie Ogbonna
  217. Mary Karen Otti
  218. Mary Ogochinemerem Osuesu
  219. Mary Chukwuka Nwafor
  220. Mary Ifesinachi Ogbonna
  221. Mary Chibuzo Omenihu
  222. Mary Odinakachukwu Llochukwu
  223. Mary Joan Ilo
  224. Mary Chisom Azuogu
  225. Maria Ugochi Nwankwo
  226. Maria Valentia Chikwendu
  227. Faustina Marie Esogwa
  228. Mary Chinyereugo Obasi
  229. Mary Blessing Iwuoha
  230. Louis Mary Ezeoyili
  231. Mary Thecla Mbachu
  232. Mary Justin Okoronkwo
  233. Mary Odilichukwu Angelica Onyekwuzili
  234. Mary Trinitas Obianika
  235. Mary Patricia Onyenekwe
  236. Mary Chukwuebuka Ozoka
  237. Mary Fausta Okeke
  238. Mary Odichinma Adiele
  239. Mary Cordelia Ihekoronye
  240. Mary Chidebelu Anukam
  241. Mary Chidiogo Okete
  242. Mary Oluchi Angela Kela
  243. Mary Chinagolum Ebekue
  244. Susan Mary Amanze
  245. Mary Laurette Chukwu
  246. Mary Purissima Dike
  247. Mary Confidentia Uwandu
  248. Mary Matris Anozie
  249. Clare Maris Ibe
  250. Maria Providentia Igboelusi
  251. Maria Genitrix Okite
  252. Maria Sochima Mgbokwere
  253. Mary Osinakachukwu Igbokwe
  254. Appolonia Mary IIonor
  255. Mary Ascenta Ogba
  256. Maria Nkemdirichukwu Iheme
  257. Mary Lily Njoku
  258. Mary Bertin Okezie
  259. Mary Darlintina Ifeanyichukwu
  260. Ethel Mary Uzoma
  261. Mary Gaudentia Ononogbu
  262. Pauline Mary Echebiri
  263. Mary Chiemekaram Odimegwu
  264. Mary Uzochukwu Nnadi
  265. Sylvia Miriam Okoye
  266. Mary Christsantus Osuokata
  267. Mary Nnamdi Chukwu
  268. Mary Sapientia Nnoruga
  269. Mary Geraldine Nweke
  270. Mary Donald Onuora
  271. Mary Ernest Anyanwu
  272. Mary Eustacia Ebiziem
  273. Monique Mariette Okeke
  274. Mary Chikwadolu Kalu
  275. Marie Zita Uneze
  276. Mary Sedes Ucheagwu
  277. Maria Vera Ugorji
  278. Bibian Mariette Oti
  279. Ancilla Maris Uchendu
  280. Mary Teresina Agunwa
  281. Mary Domitilla Obiano
  282. Mary Chekwubechukwu Amangbo
  283. Mary Veritas Onyeabor
  284. Mary Roland Patrice Oranefo
  285. Norah Marie Chiagoro
  286. Mary Rose Carmel Umah
  287. Mary Callista Okeagwu
  288. Mary Belinda Agom
  289. Mary Clarinda Enyimiri
  290. Mary Judith Otiora
  291. Jovita Maria Nwakor
  292. Mary Ogochigere Ekwebelam
  293. Mary Uzoma Ukanwoko
  294. Mary Bede Uzoagba
  295. Maria Immaculata Cordis Adibe
  296. Mary Chidubem Ezeala
  297. Mary Chikwere Onuchukwu
  298. Mary Chinweotito Ibe
  299. Mary Lucia Odor
  300. Patrick Maris Ogbuehi
  301. James Maria Onwuka
  302. Mary Ngozidilichukwu Ohaeri
  303. Mary Charity Ifeanacho
  304. Mary Chinalum Ikeadighi
  305. Mary Eudes Umeogu
  306. Mary Ginikachi Agu
  307. Mary Euphemia Opara
  308. Yves Mary Obi
  309. Mary Ejimchim Awa
  310. Mary Leonita Kalu
  311. Mary Chiazokam Ezeora
  312. Maria Antonella Okeke
  313. Mary Chiara Muokwe
  314. Mary Madonna Donata Onyegbule
  315. Mary Stella Cordis Iheadiri
  316. Mary Afomachukwu Ezemedolu
  317. Mary Annette Agwanihu
  318. Maria Flavia Nnasolu
  319. Mary Ozioma Nwaokorie
  320. Therese Maris Ibekwe
  321. Mary Martina Tina Daudu
  322. Mary Marcella Eze
  323. Maria Priscillia Ibe
  324. Mary Odochi Usuwa
  325. Mary Ignatia Opara
  326. Mary Chinweudo Ebo
  327. Mary Theophine Ugwu
  328. Mary Epiphania Eziocha
  329. Pax Marie Akubueze
  330. Mary Rufina Chukwuma
  331. Mary Nkeiruka Ugochinyere Ejezie
  332. Benignus Maria Ndubuaku
  333. Mary Winifred Eche
  334. Mary Ikenna Ugbogu
  335. Mary Crispina Nanim
  336. Marie Magdalena Ohaja
  337. Mary Chibuifem Ezeokoli
  338. Mary Chiemeka Onuoha
  339. Mary Felix-Mercy Akuchie
  340. Mary Charlotte Lilia Njoku
  341. Benedicta Mariette Ohuocha
  342. Mary Bertile Ezeh
  343. Mary Lucina Igwe
  344. Mary Izunna Nnabugwu
  345. Marie Suzette Onyebuchukwu
  346. Mary Flora Ezeabikwa
  347. Vivian Maris Mbagwu
  348. Mary Christophine Nwabuogu
  349. Mary Claret Nwankwo
  350. Marie Michelle Ezeh (Ezenwokemodo)
  351. Maria Therese Ujowundu
  352. Mary Leonora Ofordum
  353. Maria Rosita Ofordum
  354. Mary Theodora Okeke
  355. Mary Crescentia Chikezie
  356. Josella Marie Obioha
  357. Mary Fiducia Ezenwegbu
  358. Marie Bellarmine Ezuma
  359. Mary Nnaemeka Ezeobi
  360. Mary Maurice Liguori Okoroji
  361. Edna Maria Ukpabi
  362. Mary Clementina Kanu
  363. Mary Esomchi Nwokeafor
  364. Mary Chukwuamaka Ibe
  365. Mary Elochukwu Akunne
  366. Mariam Paulette Ekejiuba
  367. Fiat Mary Uzoegbu
  368. Phina Maris Ekwuonye
  369. Lina Mariette Ihemadu
  370. Mary Sochiderem Igwe
  371. Rina Mariette Dinneya
  372. Merin Teresia Ugoh
  373. Mary Celine Clare Gbaruko
  374. Marie Prisca Colette Ezenwa
  375. Mary Claudia Ejionye
  376. Maria Uzochi Daraugo
  377. Innocent Maris Omumuh
  378. Sophie Marie Nwanekezi
  379. Mary Angelica Omeruah
  380. Mary Lisetta Obi
  381. Mary Fortune Claret Agbaraebo
  382. Louise Marie Nnanabu
  383. Rene Merin Nnakwe
  384. Philia Mariette Okonkwo
  385. Lydia Mariette Okoroafor
  386. Maris Ethelma Obiaju
  387. Mary Jane Samuel Okoro
  388. Maria Ugonna Anyanwu
  389. Miriam Felicity Agwukalu
  390. Julia Billiart Maris Onunkwo
  391. Marie Michelina Okonkwo
  392. Mary Obinna Okpala
  393. Mary Ozichukwu Okoro
  394. Joe Mariette Leticia Ugboaja
  395. Marie Cinta Rosario Uchegbu
  396. Mary Bride Christiline Ogiri
  397. Mary Chinaram Nwachukwu
  398. Mary Theresine Ifezue
  399. Star Maris Ogundeji
  400. Lelia Mariette Nwanekwu
  401. Mary Gracious Onwukwe
  402. Mary Chiemela Oluoha
  403. Mary Chinecherem Dara
  404. Mary Chibugo Onwubuariri
  405. Mary Chidozirim Ezeasoibe
  406. Petrine Maris Okeke
  407. Mary Chima Echeta
  408. Mary Martin Regis Agwu
  409. Mary Delphine Mbachu
  410. Mary Chiebuka Mbaraonye
  411. Mary Vin Regis Obi
  412. Georgiana Mariette Nwigbo
  413. Maria Malvis Obiduba
  414. Mary Chizirim Chikwem
  415. Mary Chinemezu Ogu
  416. Mary Izuchukwu Odika
  417. Mary Marvin Clare Eze
  418. Mary Godwin Chilaka
  419. Mary Chimaobi Osuji
  420. Mary Chikamso Nwaga
  421. Mary Eberenna Ogbonna
  422. Justina Mariette Malize
  423. Mary Uzonnamaka Ife
  424. Emmanuel Maris Muo
  425. Mary Odirachukwumma Okwara
  426. Maria Chukwueloka Umeudu
  427. Gloria Mariette Nwanyia
  428. Mary Oluomachukwu Ekeocha
  429. Mary James Francis Amaefuna
  430. Mary Rose Colette Okoye
  431. Cornelia Mariette Onyenweizu
  432. Clarisa Mariette Amaechi
  433. Mary Vin Clare Adibe
  434. Frank Mary Ezeokoli
  435. Mary Jane Vian Nwaokpa
  436. Mary Petraline Ukpaka
  437. Cinta Maris Okenyeka
  438. Mary Tespauline Ikedigwe
  439. Maris Val Nwaoji
  440. John Marie Nwachukwu
  441. Mary Chibudom Okweji
  442. Theodora Maris Ajaero
  443. Mary Mmasichukwu Ibeka
  444. Luginia Maris Okoye
  445. Declan Maris Oguwuike
  446. Mary Judith Udechukwu
  447. Cleopatra Maria Enyinna
  448. Mary Chibujum Ejiochi
  449. Santina Maris Nneji
  450. Stella Maris Onwubiko
  451. Oscar Mariette Uwalaka
  452. Miriam Goretti Okpara
  453. Mary Chibuobim Agupusi
  454. Maura Cordis Nwachukwu
  455. Graziella Maris Nwazuluoke
  456. Mary Clarita Chidi Chukwudebelu
  457. Marie Carissima Ogbu
  458. Mare Gracious Oparanozie
  459. Mary Therese Leo Ikwuegbu
  460. Eustis Mariette Awiaka
  461. Mary Kate Sobechi Ukanwoko
  462. Maris Giovanni Paulo Okoye
  463. Laurene Mariette Uzoma
  464. Mary Ben Cecil Okpala
  465. Mary Anne Paulette Nwiboko
  466. Mary Izuchi Nwagwu
  467. Mary Ifechukwudere Emeribe
  468. Mary Chukwudalu Muojiuba
  469. Mary Ann Doreen Dike
  470. Mary Chukwubunkem Iheke
  471. Mary Stanley Okpusa
  472. Mary Nnadozie Okoroafor
  473. Mary Chukwuelozolam Igwe
  474. Mary Chichebem Okereke
  475. Mary Remigius Onuoha
  476. Mary Canisius Udoumeobi
  477. Mary Ifenna Okonkwo
  478. Mary Chigaekwu Gloria Okpara
  479. Carol Mariette Njoku
  480. Mary Chikamdinaka Onyenufoh
  481. Mary Chinweoke Ezegwu
  482. Mary Chibunmam Ogam
  483. Mary Tenderleen Ugwu
  484. Mary Chijike Nwoko
  485. Mary Ifennamaka Okafor
  486. Mary Ben Desmond Uche
  487. Mary Judith Martin Duruanyaoha
  488. Mary Chiemeziem Okwudimma
  489. Mary Chirolum Azuka Onwunedo
  490. Mary Jacqueline Oranye
  491. Mary Chris Anthony Ndikani
  492. Mary Nnachebem Osuji
  493. Mary Somkelechi Ogoke
  494. Mary Chikwadom Ekwem
  495. Mary Chideremngozi Kemakolam
  496. Mary Oluebubechukwu Uzoigwe
  497. Miriam Angelis Felice Ezeagwu
  498. Mary Chinwekene Chibiko
  1. Mary Nneka Gesila Uzukwu
  2. Mary Divine Love Nwosu
  3. Mary Chrisflora Archibong
  4. Carine Maris Ebirim
  5. Monique Mariette Ogechi Ejim
  6. Annette Mary Ichi
  7. Mary Chikamneso Onwughara
  8. Pierina Marie Ibe
  9. Laura Jovita Marie Nwokeocha
  10. Mary Chinasalum Nwoye
  11. Nelly Marie Nwokenta
  12. Marie Chigosife Nwegede
  13. Mary Jane Sylvia Uzoeto
  14. Mary Chizurum Nneka Ugbor
  15. Mary Christiana Ubaka
  16. Mary Clarine Uzoho
  17. Mary Oluchukwu Njideka Okeke
  18. Mary Rose Kate Onyegiri
  19. Mary Sochika Mgbenwelu
  20. Dalvina Maris Ezendiokwelu
  21. Mary Joe Martin Akande
  22. Pet Mere Ahubaraezeama
  23. Calice Matris Idika
  24. Caussima Marie Ucheoma
  25. Mary Obichukwu Anarah
  26. Maris Lorenzo Okeke
  27. Nobline Marie Igboelusi
  28. Mary Camela Okoro
  29. Nina Marie Opara
  30. Mary Elofunachi Ikwunemelu
  31. Mary Livina Chinesom Nwagbara
  32. Natalia Maris Orie
  33. Mary Dymphna Okeakwalam
  34. Mary Eric Patrick Ebiziem
  35. Mary Pacheli Obi
  36. Mary Jane Henry Onyinye Nwikwu
  37. Maris Martin Raphael Akpan
  38. Mary Thelma Iwuamadi
  39. Honorata Marie Nwosu
  40. Mary Collins Oforjama
  41. Patrice Mariette Ogbonna
  42. Mary Joy Ifeoma Ibegbulam
  43. Mary Amauchechukwu Ani
  44. Maria Anastasia Agoawike
  45. Marianette Evo
  46. Sonia Maria Duru
  47. Rose Tina Mario Ohadugha
  48. Fidel Valens Marie Anoruo
  49. Mary Bri Basil Okorie
  50. Mary Emmanuela Umunnakukoro
  51. Tess Peter Maris Okpalaezinne
  52. Mary Austin Terese Esotu
  53. Mary Ulonna Okoro
  54. Mary Esther Cordis Okonkwo
  55. Kate Mary Okafor
  56. Mary Terese Turibus Imo
  57. Agnus Dei Maris Okoye
  58. Ave Matris Ogbedeagu
  59. Mary Chinwem Chibueze
  60. Pace Mario Udum
  61. Mariette Chidumebi Okafor
  62. Mary Chukwuamaka Eze
  63. Mary Paschal Love Okeke
  64. Fidel Maris Ohuakanwa
  65. Assumpta Mario Uwaoma
  66. Miriam Pat Yves Okpara
  67. Ave Maria Ibekwe
  68. Emilian Maris Okpalaejinkeonye
  69. Mary Chukwudiebere Agorchukwu
  70. Aroma Maria Ezeno
  71. Vinflora Maris Onije
  72. Mary Chimezurucheya Njoku
  73. Joyce Mary Ezemuokwe
  74. Yvette Marie Nwamuo
  75. Jubilate Maureen Nwajiobi
  76. Mary Patience Iloh
  77. Maria Chinaraekele Nwalibo
  78. Mary Chiduruom Emekwe
  79. Mary Ifeadikachi Okafor
  80. Mary Pauline Clare Ohakwe
  81. Mary Olunna Ohakwe
  82. Mary Philomena Maris Ezeji
  83. Mary Veronica Okechukwu
  84. Mary Tony Francis Aniebo
  85. Mary Vivian Pat Onuchukwu
  86. Mary Rose Patris Onuoha
  87. Maria Simeon Cordis Ofoegbu
  88. Mary Nchetachukwuka Obikobe
  89. Maria Elvira Onyemaobi
  90. Mary Chinweugo Ogoke
  91. Mary Ann Lucia Mmadubuko
  92. Mary Kingsley Uche
  93. Mary Chiezugorom Ononiwu
  94. Mary Ernestina Edoziem
  95. Mary Nkemjika Irika
  96. Maris Amaranna Ogoekwe
  97. Mary Felix Charles Ikewete
  98. Mary Roselily Iwuoha
  99. Jocelyn Mariette Ezeugo
  100. Mary Agatha Gladonald Chikelue
  101. Seraphina Mary Okafor
  102. Mary Munachimso Igboko
  103. Mary Stelphin Nwachukwu
  104. Pedroline Maris Uwandu
  105. Mary Vic Martin Igwe
  106. Mary Chinakpom Okafor
  107. Mary Chibuokem Ezeonu
  108. Mary Chihurumnanya Ohaeri
  109. Mary Jane Doris Onyebuchi
  110. Mary Joseph Patrick Dim
  111. Mary Rose Julia Okere
  112. Chris Ben Maris Igwilo
  113. Mary Chimeremnma Usonka
  114. Rose Henry Mariette Eboh
  115. Pernette Maris Anwuhuebo
  116. Mary Steve Therese Igbokwe
  117. Mary Otitochukwu Nwankwo
  118. Mary Evarista Ezemuokwe
  119. Maria Sopuruchukwu Aladu
  120. Mary Pat Sylvia Ilika
  121. Maris Kenneththerese Obi
  122. Mary Therese Ann Mozie
  123. Mary Uchechukwuamaka Okeaghalam
  124. Mary Ifeanyichukwu Udemezue
  125. Innocentina Maris Obi
  126. Mary Angeli-Frances Okoye
  127. Mary Ugochinyere Mbionwu
  128. Mary Somkelechi Ezike
  129. Chris Marie Ukenye
  130. Mary Chibuifunanyam Okafor
  131. Doris Lily Maris Ekwunno
  132. Mary Ifeomachukwu Odili
  133. Sylvaline Maris Nneji
  134. Mary Victoria Uzokwe
  135. Mary Ann Claret Iwu
  136. Mary Mudichimma Duruanyim
  137. Maria Chibuokem Ubah
  138. Mary Martha (Chibugom) Ebere
  139. Mary Ebubechukwu Akunne
  140. Mary Udochikamma Umeh
  141. Precious Val-Maris Kekeh
  142. Mary Chukwunachim Iwuchukwu
  143. Mary Ogenna Nwatu
  144. Mary Madonina Duru
  145. Leo Mary Ibe
  146. Mary Ekenedilichukwu Okuzu
  147. Mary Ann-Francis Okeke
  148. Mary Ijechukwu Ihembu
  149. Mary Ugochika Anyanwu
  150. Mary Marius Nwahiri
  151. Maris Tina Christy Eni
  152. Mary Nkechika Ohia
  153. Mary Chimaijem Enunwa
  154. Mary Chimaogem Nwosu
  155. Mary JanePatrick Okolie
  156. Florencia Marie Ikeh
  157. Mary Tony Claret Diala
  158. Mary Jane Gratia Iwuamadi
  159. Mary Ann Sylvia Njoku
  160. Mary Elizabeth Ann Aniakor
  161. Mary Elizabetha Isiagu
  162. Mary Paulneri Nwancha
  163. Mary Louis Francis Okonkwo
  164. Mary Julia Trinitas Nwaka
  165. Mary Rose Pat Okere
  166. Miriam Cynthia Oliagba
  167. Rita Mario Ibeawuchi
  168. Mary Carmelina Enwude
  169. Andriana Mariette Nnadede
  170. Mary Sabina Anadi
  171. Cor Jesu Maria Eke
  172. Miriam Tobenna Jacob
  173. Mary Agnes Michelle Ogah
  174. Mary Sopuruchi Onyebuchi
  175. Mary Ebubenna Onyeahialam
  176. Maximilian Maria Onyenwe
  177. Maria Immaculata Regis Onyeka
  178. Mary Chekwubechukwu Ekweariri
  179. Mary Ann Stephanie Nwanna
  180. Mary Mmachukwu Okeke
  181. Mary Chidindu Ewuzie
  182. Mary Udonna Nwanuforo
  183. Mary Philo Martin Ndulaka
  184. Rose Micheline Mariette Anyanwu
  185. Miriam Cornel Obi
  186. Mary Austin Jane Chukwu
  187. Mary Therese Cajetan Eke
  188. Joel Martin Ezeh
  189. Mary Justin Vianney Friday
  190. Mary Jessica Igbokwe
  191. Hope Marie Nkachukwu
  192. Mary Jane Nnorom
  193. Rosephina Maria Okafor
  194. Mary Vincent Okafor
  195. Mary Charles Brigid Okorie
  196. Mary William Terese Okwenna
  197. Mary Vivian Clavia Onubogu
  198. Mary Chibuakum Osuagwu
  199. Mary Francis Regis Torty
  200. Mary Salome Otimkpu
  201. Mary Denisia Okonkwo
  202. Mary Eberechi Ikwelle
  203. Maris Ann Rita Azudiugwu
  204. Mario Nicholette Okoro
  205. Miriam Modesta Anyanwu
  206. Mary Sixtus Flora Okafor
  207. Mario Graceline Anyanwu
  208. Mary Rita Celestine Chukwudi
  209. Maria Chibunkem (Chidera) Ikeh
  210. Mary Glory Ofojebe
  211. Maria Ezichim Okafor
  212. Mary John Gabrielli Osuagwu
  213. Harriet Mario Okafor
  214. Leo Maris Ibedife
  215. Maria Divina Eke
  216. Mary Petronilla Igwilo
  217. Mary Nchedochukwu Okeke
  218. Mary Austin Ben Nwanne
  219. Mary Chiaka Agunama
  220. Mary Frances Colette Onwudiwe
  221. Mary Felix Ann Odimegwu
  222. Mary Mildred Anaeke
  223. Mary Bathildes Oloko
  224. Mary Loretta Peter Opara
  225. Mary Nebechi Uzoka
  226. Mary Chidike Obikili
  227. Marie Clemencio Agba
  228. Maris Peter Obizoba
  229. Mary Ursula Ndu
  230. Mary Leti Clare Pwalua
  231. Anthony Mary Claret Okpalaonwuka
  232. Mary Helen Ezema
  233. Mary Chijiudo Mbaji
  234. Miriam Angela Ibeh
  235. Mary Juliana Obi
  236. Mary Chichorom Ekpeke
  237. Mary Sylvestia Iwu
  238. Mary Johnpaul Nwiboko
  239. Maria Chikaodinaka Elendu
  240. Lucy Mario Ezeoka
  241. Mary Nodebechi Ohia
  242. Mary Chimdiuto Anyanwu
  243. Mary Okemdinachi Azubuike
  244. Veronica Mario Aggrey
  245. Mary Chimazuru Ihesinulo
  246. Mario Celestina Ebom
  247. Mary Ihechinaemerem Chimaka
  248. Mary Chidiamara Nwodi
  249. Mary Chikezie Ofodile
  250. Mary Mmesomachi Igwe
  251. Joset Maris Egwuatu
  252. Mary Chris Fidel Dimaku
  253. Mary John Benedict Nwosu
  254. Mary Chimadikamma Odigwe
  255. Mary Helen Simeon
  256. Mary Chimeremeze Egeonu
  257. Mary Ann Joachim Anukam
  258. Mary Ruth Anthony Orji
  259. Mary Chinweamara Aligwekwe
  260. Mary Chris Ann Ngwaogu
  261. Mary Johnvera Onuoha
  262. Mary Cos Monic Agbi
  263. Mary Chimtuo Anaba
  264. Mary Ugwuchinyere Ejim
  265. Mary Mike Therese Nwachukwu
  266. Mary Nkenna Nwagwu
  267. Mary Abumchukwu Ezeh
  268. Catherine Maris Okpara
  269. Mary Nnadiogo Nwaokeke
  270. Mary Nnanoyerem Iloani
  271. Mary Bride Christel Ako
  272. Mary Onyinyemsinachi Muorah
  273. Maria Chibuoyim Igwilo
  274. Mary Philo Petra Okoye
  275. Cordian Maris Iroaganachi
  276. Mary Chisomaga Chinaka
  277. Mary Clare Francis Amailo
  278. Mary Kenebechi Okafor
  279. Mary Ifeomasinachi Ochonma
  280. Mary Rose Philia Okoli
  281. Mary Tony Marie Ike
  282. Mary Ijechikamma Nwigwe
  283. Mary Rose Tina Orji
  284. Mary Ogonnamaka Umeh
  285. Mary Lovenda Ochin
  286. Mary Jane Anthony Okoye
  287. Mary Angeli Martin Ejem
  288. Mary Pauline Jane Nwaozor
  289. Mary Felix Ben Ogbu
  290. Mary Blessing Eze
  291. Mary Christian Udogu
  292. Mary Udomsinachi Okonkwo
  293. Mary Chizorom Ugwu
  294. Mary Onyedikanna Nduka
  295. Mary Chibundom Nwankwo
  296. Mary Vianney Joe Nnabuihe
  297. Mary Oluebubenna Okpalaezinne
  298. Mary Andrea Ugwumsinachi Njoku
  299. Maris Lily Ezeala
  300. Mary Lumina Okolie
  301. Chris Mario Okonkwo
  302. Maria Obiomachim Umeh
  303. Maria Lotanna Onuakalusi
  304. Mary Chris Clare Okafor
  305. Mary Chimdiebere Nzekwesi
  306. Mary Chimamaka Okere
  307. Remy Mariette Akinwumi
  308. Mary Rose Therese Chibugo
  309. Mary Chimnaemerem Osuagwu
  310. Mary Osinachi Onyia
  311. Mary Anne Vianney Onyekwusi
  312. Mary Chibuisindum Nlemorisa
  313. Mary Chimgozirim Ohanusi
  314. Mary Chiedoziem Ikwulegbu
  315. Mary John Chris Ogbonna
  316. Mary Sochinwendu Nwachukwu
  317. Marie Bernadette Berinyuy
  318. Mary Lucy Okwuowulu
  319. Mary Jane Alisigwe
  320. Mary Augusta Nnaji
  321. Mary Livina Udogu
  322. Mary Crescentia Ekwoaba
  323. Mary Jane Uka
  324. Mary Caroline Ukandu
  325. Mary Charity Akpaka
  326. Mary Gloria Okeke
  327. Mary Beatrice Nneji
  328. Mary Agatha Obijimba
  329. Mary Bernadette Ochichi
  330. Mary Henrietta Ubah
  331. Mary Perpetua Orji
  332. Mary Bernadine Nwankwo
  333. Mary Roseline Ezeokoye
  334. Mary Nancy Opara
  335. Mary Regina Abuwa
  336. Mary Laurentia Elodi
  337. Mary Serah Kelechi Mmadubuko
  338. Mary Ngozi Nwaneri
  339. Mary Anastacia Ukah
  340. Mary Christiana Ezeh
  341. Mary Dorothy Nwanyanwu
  342. Mary Justina Anosike
  343. Mary Marcella Okafor
  344. Mary Angela Okafor
  345. Mary Francisca Okafor
  346. Mary Beatrice Ogba
  347. Mary Immaculata Eze
  348. Mary Clementina Alajemba
  349. Mary Juliana Irogbeyi
  350. Mary Marcellina Nworie
  351. Mary Catherine Chimezie
  352. Mary Francisca Ezekwe
  353. Mary Helen Ani
  354. Mary Hannah Ukaku
  355. Mary Florence Ndigwe
  356. Mary Victoria Akanefu
  357. Mary Hope Ezeoru
  358. Mary Eunice Chilaka
  359. Mary Peace Ukah
  360. Mary Catherine Anochirionye
  361. Mary Jacinta Udeh
  362. Mary Blessing Nwosu
  363. Mary Mercy Ejezie
  364. Mary Noeleen Ogbeaghalam
  365. Mary Happiness Uwaoma
  366. Maria Goretti Asindu
  367. Mary Eucharia Dike
  368. Mary Lois Uzoegbu
  369. Mary Victoria Ezebuilo
  370. Mary Henrietta Edupute
  371. Mary Vianney Nzenwata
  372. Mary Pauline Onyenezie
  373. Mary Lovina Anyanwu
  374. Mary Georginia Onyesonwu
  375. Mary Peace Asiegbu
  376. Mary Veronica Ndubuaku
  377. Mary Esther Unaka
  378. Mary Stella Mmadu
  379. Mary Philomena Agu
  380. Mary Anthonia Iruka
  381. Mary Edith Ogbonna
  382. Mary Helen Nebolisa
  383. Mary Eucharia Ogbu
  384. Mary Benice Ifunanyachi Ahamba
  385. Mary Madonna Onyeahialam
  386. Maria Goretti Okereke
  387. Mary Bernadette Igwe
  388. Mary Vivian Nwokolo
  389. Mary Ann Igwe
  390. Mary Nnaeme
  391. Mary Blessing Kurume
  392. Mary Florence Egwuatu
  393. Mary Martha Amah
  394. Mary Lilian Inegbu
  395. Mary Veronica Ezembamalu
  396. Mary Agatha Ogwo
  397. Rose Mary Echebiri
  398. Mary Esther Nwarihi
  399. Mary Eucharia Modesta Ani
  400. Mary Martha Okekeuche
  401. Mary Gertrude Umeh
  402. Mary Perpetua Grace Anyaegbu
  403. Mary Ifeomachukwu Agbi
  404. Mary Oluchi Osondu
  405. Mary Stella Martins Ogueri
  406. Mary Mmachimerem Agatha Muolokwu
  407. Mary Clementina Okonkwo
  408. Miriam Rita Obute
  409. Mary Chizobam Patience Ozokwere
  410. Jaci Maria Nwokeiwu
  411. Maria Dorothy Maduekwe
  412. Maria Goretti Nwokeogu
  413. Mary Anthonia Nwajikwa
  414. Mary Scholastica Mmasichukwu Nworgu
  415. Mary Josephine Ezeokwu
  416. Mary Agatha Obi
  417. Mary Chukwudumeje Iheanacho
  418. Mary Catherine Ugo Umeh
  419. Mary Doris Christi Obani
  420. Mary Lucia Chinazor Ifem
  421. Mary Theresa Ogochukwu Ikelugo
  422. Mary-Ann Onuwabuchi Duru
  423. Maris Stella Ifeoma Nwezi
  424. Mary Justina Ngozi Onwukanjo
  425. Mary Gladys Nwamaka Ugwumadu
  426. Mary Felicia Obianuju Ewenike
  427. Mary Gertrude Chizaram Nwaogwugwu
  428. Rosemary Chileem Eboh
  429. Mary Kamsiyochukwu Tina Omali
  430. Mary Ogechi Jacinta Okoro
  431. Mary Chinyerem Elizabeth Ogbuagu
  432. Mary Chimdimma Bibiana Chukwu
  433. Mary Rachel Chidiomimi Adibe
  434. Mary Lauretta Chidimma Iro
  435. Mary Chinemerem Felicitas Anoro
  436. Mary Chinomso Amabilis Ezekwe
  437. Mary Jaci-Patrick Ogechukwu Onu
  438. Mary Helen Ujunwa Mabia
  439. Mary Bibian Chinenye Nwankwo
  440. Mary Chidiebere Rosemary Anaekwe
  441. Mary Vivian Okwuchukwu Osuagwu
  442. Mary Euphemia Ifeyinwa Duru
  443. Mary Theresa Ngozi Onyemairo
  444. Mary Emmanuela Chinegbomkpa Nwachukwu
  445. Amara Cynthia Marie Ohajimkpo
  446. Mary Gloria Nkechinyere Ebegbulem
  447. Mary Chioma Agnes Igwe
  448. Mary Ijeoma Rosemary Ekperi
  449. Mary Immaculata Chibuzor Chimezie
  450. Mary Onyinyechi Theodora Okalor
  451. Mary Callista Ifeoma Ogbonna
  452. Mary Ann Ngozi Ohia
  453. Mary Christiana Nkirukamma Ezenwa
  454. Mary Amarachi Jennifer Anyanwu
  455. Mary Eucharia Nneka Igwe
  456. Mary Charity Ayesu Musa
  457. Marie Veronica Chioma Agu
  458. Mary Vivian Onyinyechi Oluoha
  459. Maris Theresa Akunna Nwachi
  460. Marie Augusta Chinonso Ofoegbu
  461. Mary Theresa Chiamaka Onukwube
  462. Mary Cordelia Chinwendu Osuagwu
  463. Maria Assumpta Obi
  464. Mary Chekwubechukwu Oduma
  465. Mary Linda Olachi Okeahialam
  466. Mary Chimuanya Zita Mmadu
  467. Marie Collete Ngozi Ezeasor
  468. Mary Priscilla Chinyere Chimezie
  469. Mary Angela Chinyere Nwadinigwe
  470. Mary Jacinta Nkechinyere Ogbuokiri
  471. Maria Celine Chinwendu Ujowundu
  472. Mary Cynthia Chisom Anyanwu
  473. Jane Maria Chidiebere Okafor
  474. Mary Enderline Ukamaka Emeka
  475. Maria Aturuchi Nwagbara
  476. Elizabeth Marie Ukamaka Nwaobasi
  477. Mary Vivian Onyinyechukwu Onyejekwe
  478. Mary Prisca Chinaemezu Anyanwu
  479. Mary Janice Omonigho Atane
  480. Mary Susan Adaku Nwaogwugwu
  481. Mary Callista Chinenye Nwatu
  482. Mary Martina Nkwachi Ezerebo
  483. Maria Evangeline Ogochukwu Anyanwu
  484. Mary Patience Nebechi Udeh
  485. Mary Francisca Ozioma Amaechi
  486. Mary Jacinta Nnedimkpa Aroh
  487. Mary Sussan Maritta Oche
  488. Juliet Mary Oluchukwu Ogbunachi
  489. Maria Helen Sunday Aromeh
  490. Maris Blessing Effiong Etim
  491. Mary Esther Luchwe Emmanuel
  492. Maris Monica Onyinyechi Onyemaechi
  493. Mary Jacinta Chizobam Ebeh
  494. Maria Lucy Chiamaka Nwoke
  495. Maris Lovelyn Adaugo Ogbonna
  496. Mariette Mercy Eberechi Ulu
  497. Jane Mary Nnenna Okoro
  498. Mary Elizabeth Oremeyi Ogbodo