To commemorate the infinite love of God

Founded, Date/Place16th July 1969, Ukpor, Anambra State, Nigeria
FounderMost Rev. Dr. Godfrey Mary Paul Okoye CSSp.
Canonical StatusPontifical, 1991
MottoCaritas Christi, Urget Nos!
CharismGenerous loving response to Divine Love Incarnate
Mission StatementWe the Daughters of Divine Love are called to show Love to the world.
PurposeTo commemorate the infinite love of God.

Superior General: Rev. Mother Mary Anastasia Dike, DDL

Daughters of Divine Love Generalate
18/20 Fifth Avenue, Trans Ekulu
P.O. Box 546, Enugu
Enugu State, Nigeria

Mobile: 08069205214,07030804137


Our Apostolate

Name of Congregation and Foundation:
The Daughters of Divine Love Congregation by the special grace of God, without affiliations to any foreign Congregation, is an indigenous Congregation of Women Religious, the fruit of the labour of the early Missionaries in Nigeria. Founded in Ukpor in Anambra State on July 16th, 1969 by a native born Nigerian Bishop, His Lordship, Godfrey Mary Paul Okoye, C.S.Sp, of happy memory, the Novitiate Formation of the 1st group (Foundation members) and the 2nd group were given by Nigerian Formator: Mother Mary Charles Anyanwu, OSB, and the Novitiate formation of the 3rd and 4th groups were given by Mother Patty Alufo, OSB. All forms of subsequent training and formation of the members of the Daughters of Divine Love Congregation have since then been given by Nigerian born Formators.

The First Religious Profession of the Congregation on 4th November 1973, was a memorable day for all the witnesses when 16 young girls dedicated their lives to God in the Congregation of the Daughters of Divine Love. Today it has grown to become an International Congregation of Women Religious of Pontifical Rights. The members take the public Vows of Chastity, Poverty and Obedience otherwise known as the Evangelical Counsels and they dedicate themselves to contemplation and active apostolic work. Members of this Congregation are fondly called and known as: the Daughters.

The Charism of the Congregation which is a generous loving response to Divine Love Incarnate is equally the compelling motive force of the Congregation and of every Sister who enters it. It is an ardent response to God’s call to love Him and others in the way and manner Christ did; a self-sacrificing love, and members strive for growth in holiness to the full measure of Christ.

Being an Active-Contemplative Congregation, the Spirituality of the Daughters of Divine Love is a Christo-Centric Spirituality of Divine Love in action; expressed in the contemplation of God, deep fraternal charity and apostolic action.

Profile of the Founder
His Lordship, Bishop Godfrey Mary Paul Okoye, C.S.Sp., the Founder of the Daughters of Divine Love Congregation, was born on 19th December, 1915, at his home town Ifite-Ukpo now known as Ifitedunu in Anambra State. Through the help of Fr. Liddane of Adazi Parish where Godfrey Okoye attended his primary school, the young Okoye was able to find his vocation to the priesthood. Divine Providence made available to him such a companion and helper as Rev. Fr. Michael Iwene Tansi (now Blessed), who led him through the hardships and troubled times of the seminary life.

Okoye was ordained a diocesan priest on 27th July, 1947. By his ordination, he became one of the pioneer indigenous priests of the Igbo people. He was equally an eloquent testimony to the future indigenous aspirants to the priesthood and religious life. His first Parish work as a priest was at Elele. Consumed with the desire to become a religious priest in order to offer his entire life to God in a more intimate union with Christ, he joined the Holy Ghost Fathers and had his religious profession in Ireland in 1951. He returned to Nigeria and was appointed Parish Priest of St. Martin’s Ihiala 1952- 1958. He later became the Rector of All Hallows Junior Seminary, Onitsha and eventually the first Bishop of Port Harcourt Diocese.

He was consecrated and installed the Bishop of Port Harcourt Diocese on 3rd September, 1961. He was barely seven years in Port Harcourt when the Nigeria/Biafra civil war broke out and when Port Harcourt capitulated he was rendered a Bishop without a seat. He had to take refuge in any parish where the priest welcomed him and this made him have the liberty of focusing on the needs of the time. He served as a roving ambassador for the Church and the people and was very instrumental in getting the Caritas International Relief Agency and the World Council of Churches to bring relief materials of food and clothing to meet the basic needs of the suffering Biafran refugees. And by Divine intervention, it was in the midst of this most agonizing suffering that the Congregation of the Daughters of Divine Love was born.

Bishop Okoye was a man so full of love and so large hearted that he had a burning desire to spread this love of God and diffuse it to the four corners of the earth. His participation at the Second Vatican Council deepened his desire to found a new Congregation whose major task would be the preaching of the gospel of God’s love to the ends of the earth in any manner they can do it hence, the nonrestrictive nature of their apostolate. The time and place of the foundation of the Congregation were God’s own providential design. The founding of the Daughters of Divine Love Congregation was not an instant event. Bishop Okoye went through the due process of seeking the will of God through prayer; it was a long premeditated event. God offered him a perfect opportunity during the war and he took advantage of it.

After the civil war in 1970, Bishop Okoye was appointed the second Bishop of Enugu Diocese and transferred to occupy the empty seat of Enugu Diocese which was left vacant following the demise of Bishop John Cross Anyogu on 5th July, 1967 just at the onset of the Nigeria/Biafra civil war. Bishop Okoye again spent seven years in Enugu Diocese from 1970 to 1977 before he answered his home call on 17th March 1977. His transfer to Enugu Diocese made the Daughters of Divine Love Congregation locate their Mother House in the Diocese.

Ministries and Apostolates
The apostolates of the Daughters of Divine Love consist primarily in prayers and the witness of their consecrated life of Divine Love. And since love knows no limits, their apostolates are equally varied and diversified. They are committed to such ministries as: Catechetical, Domestic work, Education, Health care, Counselling, Legal Practice, Prison and Home visitation, Pro-life, Liturgical Vestments, Sutan and all types of Clerical dresses, Hospitality/Catering servi ces , Char i ty Home, Agricultural, Social services and apostolate of the Presence. T h e Daughters respond to the needs of the Local Church according to the availability of personnel with the right qualification and ability.

Special Contribution to the Church in Nigeria
The Daughters of Divine Love Congregation has made some modest contributions to the Church in Nigeria considering their humble Beginnings. At the death of their Founder, Bishop Okoye of Enugu Diocese in 1977, the Congregation was just eight years old and the Foundation members barely four years from the date of their first profession in 1973. Their existence and survival was very much in doubt and many people suggested that they be disbanded and sent home. But thanks to the great Amazons, the Foundation and the co- Foundation members who rallied round Mother Maria Ifechukwu Udorah and encouraged her to be their leader, and with the stalwart support of Bishop Michael Eneja who succeeded Bishop Okoye; it would have been a different story! From nowhere, concerned Catholics formed themselves into the Association of the Friends of the Daughters. The leader of the group was Dr. Winifred Kaine. They saw to the survival of the threatened emerging Congregation by providing material items for their needs. This is one of the contributions to the Church for prior to this time most existing Congregations did not have associations of friends.

In spite of the overwhelming storm of the time, the Daughters, hanging on the oars of the God of love and Divine providence, were able to surf the crest of the storm and their survival is one of the greatest miracles of God’s love, a major contribution to the Church in Nigeria. If they had not been great women of faith with childlike trust in Divine Providence from the onset, but listened to those who insisted they must disband and go home, there would not have been anything like the Daughters of Divine Love Congregation in the Church anywhere today.

Generally the Daughters have made the Church very visible in some places through their apostolate of the Presence and catechetics. Their establishment of the Retreat and Conference Centres popularly known as DRACC in certain towns in the country has also been of great benefit to the Church. They undertake the challenge of catering for the sick, homeless, orphans, widows, handicapped and the marginalized in their Charity Home. By sheer Divine Providence and the great love of God for the Congregation, the Daughters have touched many lives and positively impacted them through their school and hospital apostolates. Many more are reached in the various offices and departments where the Daughters work and witness to Divine Love Incarnate in different official portfolios.

Location of Houses and Numerical Strength
The Generalate of the Congregation is located in Enugu, the capital of Enugu State and the Congregation has two formation houses; the Postulate and the Novitiate all located in Enugu.

Members witness to God’s love in many dioceses in Nigeria and God has borne them on his wings of love to other countries outside Nigeria: Gabon, Cameroon, T’Chad, Mali, Kenya, England, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, the United States of America, Cuba, Jamaica and Haiti.

The Lord has generously blessed the Congregation with a teeming vocation and for this, they are thankful to God for the wonderful Daughters; out of which many indigenous Daughters are missioned outside the shores of Nigeria, their Father-land. It is important to note that the affairs of this noble Congregation have been piloted since the death of their founder in 1977 by three great rare gems as their Superior General: Rev. Mother Maria Ifechukwu Udorah, Rev. Mother Maria Angela Uwalaka (Late) and Rev. Mother Maria Chilota Elochukwu.

Caritas Christi, Urget Nos!

Sisters in Perpetual Vows

  1. Sr. M. Eberechukwu Anosike
  2. Sr. M. Gregory Ezeibanu
  3. Sr. M. Kelechukwu Ibole
  4. Sr. M. Ifechukwu Udorah
  5. Sr. M. Chukwunonyelum Agguh
  6. Sr. M. Pauline Nwajiaku
  7. Sr. M. Uchechukwu Chukwu
  8. Sr. M. Nnaemeka Nzekwe
  9. Sr. M. Chukwuma Onyekwelu
  10. Sr. M. Ikechukwu Eze
  11. Sr. M. Chidebelu Nwigwe
  12. Sr. M. Chidimma Njoku
  13. Sr. MaryPaul Asoegwu
  14. Sr. M. Chukwuka Okpala-Anaechedo
  15. Sr. M. Izuchukwu Anozie
  16. Sr. M. Getrude Ugoh
  17. Sr. M. Innocentia Ononiwu
  18. Sr. M. Luke Onyeakazi
  19. Sr. M. Chukwudi Ojiogu
  20. Sr. M. Augustine Ogunna
  21. Sr. M. Chigekwu Maduba
  22. Sr. M. Josephine Ikeanyionwu
  23. Sr. M. Chikaodili Ekeji
  24. Sr. M. Chizoba Eke
  25. Sr. M. Immaculata Nwagbara
  26. Sr. M. Chikamalu Anyanwu
  27. Sr. M. Angela Therese Muobike
  28. Sr. M. Chidozie Ukaegbu
  29. Sr. M. Chinenye Amah
  30. Sr. M. Benedict Egbulem
  31. Sr. M. Uzochukwu Nwadirigbo
  32. Sr. M. Chilota Elochukwu
  33. Sr. M. Chiamaka Uzukwu
  34. Sr. M. Nkechinyelu Ezeanyino
  35. Sr. M. Joseph Therese Nwokoroku
  36. Sr. M. Evangeline Anyanwu
  37. Sr. M. Grace of Christ Ekwebalam
  38. Sr. M. Rose Gloria Ekei
  39. Sr. M. Bernadette Ezeliorah
  40. Sr. M. Chukwuemeka Uduji
  41. Sr. M. Clementina Ifeanaeme
  42. Sr. M. Jane Frances Chioke
  43. Sr. M. Chidulue Oraegbu
  44. Sr. M. Catherine Onwujiariri
  45. Sr. M. Francis Amanfo
  46. Sr. M. Chigozie Obasi
  47. Sr. M. Stanislaus Agbasiere
  48. Sr. M. Chidiebere Nwadiuko
  49. Sr. M. Okechukwu Ihekire
  50. Sr. M. Lilian Charles Egeonu
  51. Sr. M. Chinelomma Nwachukwu
  52. Sr. M. Ogechukwu Umeozor
  53. Sr. M. Paschal Igili
  54. Sr. M. Ifeomachukwu Asibe
  55. Sr. M. Nnachebe Chiotu
  56. Sr. M. Chinyere Ohajunwa
  57. Sr. M. Chimezie Ikeme
  58. Sr. M. Bonaventure Nwosuji
  59. Sr. M. Philomena Ekwueme
  60. Sr. M. Arinzechukwu Emenike
  61. Sr. M. Gerald Aniadimbuni
  62. Sr. M. Paracleta Mbonu
  63. Sr. M. Onyekachukwu Nwokoye
  64. Sr. M. Therese Ezike
  65. Sr. M. Nnamdi Helen Osuji
  66. Sr. M. Lucy Ugoh
  67. Sr. M. Joachim Ekwochieme
  68. Sr. M. Valentine Ogba
  69. Sr. M. Benedicta Keke
  70. Sr. M. Justin Anyanwu
  71. Sr. M. Anayochukwu Azuka
  72. Sr. M. Vincent de Paul Ezeiloegbu
  73. Sr. M. Calista Iwuji
  74. Sr. M. Assumpta Onwuachu
  75. Sr. M. Cosmas Idika
  76. Sr. M. Susan Okwuogu
  77. Sr. M. Felix Ezeoke
  78. Sr. M. Carissima Udorah
  79. Sr. M. Basil Nwoke
  80. Sr. M. Clare Iwuoha
  81. Sr. M. Joseph Ann Anokwu
  82. Sr. M. Gabriel Izuorah
  83. Sr. M. Miriam Patrick Ndibe
  84. Sr. M. Genevieve Obi
  85. Sr. M. Providentia Uchenna
  86. Sr. M. Consolata Ogueri
  87. Sr. M. Okwuchi Nwokocha
  88. Sr. M. Celestine Amadi
  89. Sr. M. Chinomso Nwoko
  90. Sr. M. Caritas Umeozulu
  91. Sr. M. Julian Therese Ezennia
  92. Sr. M. Henrietta Ubajekwe
  93. Sr. Maria Goretti Chukwudi
  94. Sr. M. Vivian Ukah
  95. Sr. M. Chidubem Mbah
  96. Sr. M. Doris Osondu
  97. Sr. M. Anthony Oguike
  98. Sr. Rose Mary Ekechukwu
  99. Sr. M. Bernard Nnabugwu
  100. Sr. M. Obiomachukwu Oraka
  101. Sr. M. Marcel Obichere
  102. Sr. M. Martina Mbah
  103. Sr. M. Anselm Ihejiene
  104. Sr. M. Jacinta Onuegbu
  105. Sr. M. Lucia Onu
  106. Sr. M. Fidelma Chianumba
  107. Sr. M. Alphnosus Ogubuike
  108. Sr. M. Michael Inweregbu
  109. Sr. M. Eucharia Ijoma
  110. Sr. Margaret Mary Onwu
  111. Sr. M. Ancilla Ueobiaeri
  112. Sr. M. Salome Nnawulezi
  113. Sr. M. Rose Omali
  114. Sr. M. Obinna Okereke
  115. Sr. M. Scholastica Anyanwu
  116. Sr. M. Magdalene Ubogu
  117. Sr. M. Annunciata Anyanwu
  118. Sr. M. Felicitas Ujam
  119. Sr. M. Veronica Egwuonwu
  120. Sr. M. Prisca Ezeji
  121. Sr. M. Stephen Onukwugha
  122. Sr. M. Pepetua Ileje
  123. Sr. M. Bridget Aroh
  124. Sr. M. Thecla Akubue
  125. Sr. M. Rita Anaka
  126. Sr. M. Olivia Agbakoba
  127. Sr. M. Joannes Ndukwu
  128. Sr. M. Theodora Ajagu
  129. Sr. M. Trinitas Keke
  130. Sr. M. Augusta Ukanyirioha
  131. Sr. M. Teresita Igboneme
  132. Sr. M. Elizabeth Nwankwo
  133. Sr. M. Patricia Ebeh
  134. Sr. M. Agatha Nwanze
  135. Sr. M. Eunice Ugoh
  136. Sr. M. Roseanne Ihenacho
  137. Sr. M. Paschaline Okolo
  138. Sr. M. Zita Nwankwo
  139. Sr. M. Victoria Oleka
  140. Sr. M. Martin Emuwa
  141. Sr. M. Monica Mba
  142. Sr. Miriam Mercy Ibeh
  143. Sr. M. Laetitia Anakwue
  144. Sr. M. Noela Onwukwe
  145. Sr. M. Cecilia Njoku
  146. Sr. M. Vincentia Ogbuowere
  147. Sr. M. Judith Nzeogu
  148. Sr. M. Emmanuella Onyeaka
  149. Sr. M. Cornelia Okeke
  150. Sr. M. Bibiana Nwosu
  151. Sr. M. Dominca Ojukwu
  152. Sr. M. John Paul Oguike
  153. Sr. M. Joseph Okodo
  154. Sr. M. Rosita Igwem
  155. Sr. M. Carmelita Uwaleke
  156. Sr. M. Dorothy Eze
  157. Sr. M. Sylvia Nwachukwu
  158. Sr. M. Chibuikem Oguegbu
  159. Sr. M. Geraldine Okechukwu
  160. Sr. M. Ifeanyichukwu Nwangene
  161. Sr. M. Helen Udeogu
  162. Sr. M. Chima Mbadugha
  163. Sr. M. Anthonia Ukoh
  164. Sr. M. Ogochukwu Orajekwe
  165. Sr. M. Chijioke Nweze
  166. Sr. M. Blessing Omenma
  167. Sr. M. Celine Oparaocha
  168. Sr. M. Jude Nwachukwu
  169. Sr. M. Maureen Njoku
  170. Sr. M. Francisca Obiora
  171. Sr. M. Basilia Ezike
  172. Sr. M. Izuchukwu Nworah
  173. Sr. Anne Marie Ezeonye
  174. Sr. M. Bernardine Ikeji
  175. Sr. M. Franklin Nneji
  176. Sr. M. Kieran Nduagbo
  177. Sr. M. Leonie Onwudiwe
  178. Sr. M. Elojo Attah
  179. Sr. Mary Colette Uche
  180. Sr. M. John Bosco Ekpunobi
  181. Sr. M. Kizito Ibe
  182. Sr. George Mary Ezenwa
  183. Sr. M. Louise Terese Njoku
  184. Sr. M. Magdalene Ogah
  185. Sr. M. Ugochukwu Ikenazor
  186. Sr. M. Odinakachukwu Chiude
  187. Sr. M. Bennette Uduhirinwa
  188. Sr. M. Amabilis Chukwudolue
  189. Sr. M. Chisom Amaechi
  190. Sr. M. Chekwubechukwu Okalla
  191. Sr. M. Concilia Eke
  192. Sr. M. Anacletus Ucheagwu
  193. Sr. M. Margaret Duru
  194. Sr. M. Chibuzo Ezeanya
  195. Sr. M. Grace Anuligo
  196. Sr. M. Annette Nwizu
  197. Sr. M. Joy Emeribe
  198. Sr. M. Petronilla Kpannah
  199. Sr. M. Florence Ehileme
  200. Sr. M. Irene Nwachukwu
  201. Sr. M. Enderline Ugwoke
  202. Sr. M. Regina Udenenwu
  203. Sr. M. Domitilla Ogbanu
  204. Sr. M. Chinwendu Ajie
  205. Sr. M. Lotachi Asiegbu
  206. Sr. M. Uchenna Dimesoro
  207. Sr. M. Godfrey Ezisi
  208. Sr. M. Rose Kate Ndulue
  209. Sr. M. Cecilia Nwaohiri
  210. Sr. M. Antoinette Okafor
  211. Sr. M. Loretto Okoli
  212. Sr. M. Angelica Okorocha
  213. Sr. M. Eucharistia Okpalaibekwe
  214. Sr. M. Linda Uku
  215. Sr. M. Dooshima Orongu
  216. Sr. M. Caroline Chukwu
  217. Sr. M. Vitalis Olubuogu
  218. Sr. M. Elochukwu Nwankwo
  219. Sr. M. Theresa Maduka
  220. Sr. M. Virginia Umeokechukwu
  221. Sr. M. Augustina Okafor
  222. Sr. M. Emily Onye
  223. Sr. M. Charles Okoli
  224. Sr. M. Raphaela Okeke
  225. Sr. M. Oziomachukwu Obiora
  226. Sr. M. Bertha Mbato
  227. Sr. M. Margaret Okoliozor
  228. Sr. M. Alberta Anakwue
  229. Sr. M. Francisca Osuchukwu
  230. Sr. M. Agatha Amadi
  231. Sr. M. Chinemelum Uzoma
  232. Sr. M. Theresa Akpan
  233. Sr. M. Anastasia Dunu
  234. Sr. M. Emmanuel Utulu
  235. Sr. M. Ugonna Igbo
  236. Sr. M. Josefa Ojiaku
  237. Sr. M. Patricia Okoye
  238. Sr. M. Edith Agodi
  239. Sr. M. Enderline Emereuwa
  240. Sr. M. Emelda Chiwetalu
  241. Sr. Cordis Maria Okoye
  242. Sr. M. Eunice Offor
  243. Sr. M. Winifred Edozuno
  244. Sr. Terese Mary Oyego
  245. Sr. M. Jacinta Enekwechi
  246. Sr. M. Eunice Cordis Nnaji
  247. Sr. M. Cythnia Chukwujekwu
  248. Sr. Rose Marie Anamezie
  249. Sr. M. Philomena Nnado
  250. Sr. M. Ursula Udeze
  251. Sr. M. Figlia Anaelom
  252. Sr. Maria Goretti Mberekpe
  253. Sr. M. Henry Nwabueze
  254. Sr. M. Anastasia Ugoh
  255. Sr. M. Eucharia Amaefule
  256. Sr. M. Helen Ugah
  257. Sr. M. Philomina Ogbu
  258. Sr. M. Augustina Duru
  259. Sr. M. Christiana Amedu
  260. Sr. M. Felicia Okeke
  261. Sr. M. Rosalia Adawai
  262. Sr. M. Juliet Okenwa
  263. Sr. M. Anastasia Okafor
  264. Sr. M. Perpetua Ike
  265. Sr. M. Christiana Ajugwe
  266. Sr. Agnes Mary Ugenyi
  267. Sr. M. Dorothy Okpara
  268. Sr. M. Josephine Ndirika
  269. Sr. M. Victor Egboka
  270. Sr. M. Evelyn Okoro
  271. Sr. M. Ignatia Utulu
  272. Sr. M. Edith Egbuogu
  273. Sr. M. Christopher Aliba
  274. Sr. M. Assumpta Ekwugha
  275. Sr. M. Perpertua Chimeziri
  276. Sr. M. Coronata Korie
  277. Sr. Mary Ogoke
  278. Sr. M. Blaise Chukwu
  279. Sr. M. Bernadette Ihedilionye
  280. Sr. M. Catherine Ajemba
  281. Sr. M. Patricia Nwankwo
  282. Sr. M. Emmanuela Anatuanya
  283. Sr. M. Brendan Ezigbo
  284. Sr. M. Philomena Enyi
  285. Sr. M. Christiana Anyariri
  286. Sr. M. Virtus Okwaraoha
  287. Sr. M. Eucharia Ofoha
  288. Sr. M. Valeria Nnam
  289. Sr. M. Josephine Odu
  290. Sr. M. Carmela Ezurike
  291. Sr. Flora Mary Okoli
  292. Sr. M. Keyna Onyekweleariri
  293. Sr. M. Felicity Onyeanusi
  294. Sr. M. Angela Umenze
  295. Sr. M. Aloysius Onwuegbuchulam
  296. Sr. M. Leo Ugwu
  297. Sr. M. Justina Duru
  298. Sr. M. Grace Chukwu
  299. Sr. M. Felicia Umeh
  300. Sr. M. Catherine Ekechukwu
  301. Sr. M. Gertrude Ezeaputa
  302. Sr. M. Catherine Eme
  303. Sr. M. Helen Ifeacho
  304. Sr. M. Theresa Muogbo
  305. Sr. M. Bernadine Iroh
  306. Sr. M. Anastasia Mmeke
  307. Sr. M. Fausta Ejimadu
  308. Sr. M. Raymonda Onuorah
  309. Sr. M. Prudentiana Onwudi
  310. Sr. M. Juliana Ezenwa
  311. Sr. M. Cordelia Ajegbo
  312. Sr. Rose Mary Chukwu
  313. Sr. M. Bernadette Chime
  314. Sr. Maria Goretti Ohaneme
  315. Sr. M. Casmir Kpaduwa
  316. Sr. M. Perpetua Okoro
  317. Sr. M. Louisa Ukeje
  318. Sr. Margaret Mary Obiudu
  319. Sr. M. Benigna Oguejiofor
  320. Sr. Maria Goretti Izuegbunam
  321. Sr. M. Juliana Agu
  322. Sr. M. Theresa Ekwozor
  323. Sr. M. Lilian Augustina Okafor
  324. Sr. M. Elizabeth Obiakor
  325. Sr. M. Dorothy Obiadi
  326. Sr. M. Anthonia Chinenye
  327. Sr. M. Mabel Akamuo
  328. Sr. M. Louisa Ezeigwe
  329. Sr. M. Agnes Okoye
  330. Sr. M. Immaculata Nneji
  331. Sr. M. Josephine Anagor
  332. Sr. M. Cecilia Chukwu
  333. Sr. M. Helen Okoye
  334. Sr. Mary Iweanya
  335. Sr. M. Theresa Ede
  336. Sr. M. Clementina Ifediegwu
  337. Sr. M. Gloria Njoku
  338. Sr. M. Susan Odinikeze
  339. Sr. M. Henrietta Iroghuma
  340. Sr. M. Helen Omeje
  341. Sr. RoseMary Emeruwa
  342. Sr. M. Ann Ilokwe
  343. Sr. M. Felicity Okwor
  344. Sr. M. Clare Duru
  345. Sr. M. Maria Theresa Ndulue
  346. Sr. M. Juliana Ibe
  347. Sr. M. Cordelia Udala
  348. Sr. M. Anastasia Ezenwa
  349. Sr. M. Grace Ezeoke
  350. Sr. M. Christiana Udechukwu
  351. Sr. M. Gladys Uba
  352. Sr. M. Stella Araka
  353. Sr. M. Emily Ndukaku
  354. Sr. M. Stephanie Orogbu
  355. Sr. M. Roseline Okafor
  356. Sr. M. Lilian Ogbodu
  357. Sr. M. Josephine Nlebedum
  358. Sr. M. Scholastica Ugbaja
  359. Sr. M. Sabina Ogbumuo
  360. Sr. M. Bernadette Obiora
  361. Sr. M. Esther Onwunali
  362. Sr. M. Philomena Ekwenugo
  363. Sr. M. Theresa Umeania
  364. Sr. M. Philomena Achigasim
  365. Sr. M. Etuosoluchukwu Ezenwafor
  366. Sr. M. Grace Ogbaje
  367. Sr. M. Justina Ameloko
  368. Sr. M. Eugenia Ofodeme
  369. Sr. M. Dorothy Ezezue
  370. Sr. Rose Mary Madueke
  371. Sr. M. Lilian Onye
  372. Sr. M. Philomena Amama
  373. Sr. Maria Goretti Ndulue
  374. Sr. M. Grace Okechukwu
  375. Sr. M. Katherine Okoye
  376. Sr. M. Elfrida Okoro
  377. Sr. M. Innocentia Njoku
  378. Sr. M. Bridget Ibe
  379. Sr. M. Beatrice Obi
  380. Sr. M. Agnes Ugbaja
  381. Sr. M. Rufina Mazeli
  382. Sr. M. Philomena Ekpunobi
  383. Sr. M. Olivia Okwu
  384. Sr. M. Francisca Mgbemena
  385. Sr. M. Clare Chiazoka Obasi
  386. Sr. M. Stella Madueke
  387. Sr. M. Emilia Anyabuoke.
  388. Sr. M. Esther Onyishi
  389. Sr. M. Fidelia Ezeifesie
  390. Sr. M. Perpetua Uzoigwe
  391. Sr. M. Gemma Anyanwu
  392. Sr. M. Eseroghene Ikise Catherine
  393. Sr. M. Calista Ugwuanyi
  394. Sr. Mary Offor
  395. Sr. M. Martha Ojukwu
  396. Sr. M. Blessing Anyaoha
  397. Sr. M. Emilia Arum
  398. Sr. M. Fidelia Nnebedum
  399. Sr. M. Lois Okpara
  400. Sr. M. Fidelia Odiegwu
  401. Sr. M. Francisca Okwara
  402. Sr. M. Cordelia Iloekwe
  403. Sr. M. Florence Njoku
  404. Sr. M. Imelda Okonkwo
  405. Sr. M. Elizabeth Njoku
  406. Sr. M. Joy Omaliko
  407. Sr. M. Felicia Nwuwa
  408. Sr. M. Lucy Uwah
  409. Sr. M. Anastasia Dike
  410. Sr. M. Eugenia Anuama
  411. Sr. M. Doris Eze
  412. Sr. M. Josephine Ojukwu
  413. Sr. M. Priscilla Ifionu
  414. Sr. M. Veronica Arinze
  415. Sr. Mary Rose Ogbunude
  416. Sr. M. Benedicta Odoh
  417. Sr. M. Bridget Okoye
  418. Sr. M. Chinazo Ibezim
  1. Sr. M. Ifeomachukwu Arinze
  2. Sr. M. Chikaodinaka Ehiri
  3. Sr. Mary Ann Nwiwu
  4. Sr. M. Jacinta Iwuji
  5. Sr. M. Rita Anyanwu
  6. Sr. Rose Mary Ude
  7. Sr. M. Evangeline Aliwo
  8. Sr. M. Iveren Victoria Chia
  9. Sr. M. Geraldine Enemuo
  10. Sr. M. Jane Chigbata
  11. Sr. M. Catherine Amadi
  12. Sr. M. Francisca Ezeokonkwo
  13. Sr. M. Cecilia Odoemena
  14. Sr. M. Francisca Iwuji
  15. Sr. M. Doreen Eze
  16. Sr. M. Theresa Okolo
  17. Sr. M. Helen Ohaegbulem
  18. Sr. M. Cecilia Nnadi
  19. Sr. M. Chika Asogwa
  20. Sr. M. Elizabeth Uzendu
  21. Sr. Mary Akosim
  22. Sr. M. Anthonia Mbala
  23. Sr. M. Patricia Mbamalu
  24. Sr. M. Thecla Umeh
  25. Sr. M. Juliet Uwakwe
  26. Sr. M. Elizabeth Nwanekezi
  27. Sr. M. Stella Onyeaghachukwu
  28. Sr. M. Angela Agu
  29. Sr. M. Judith Dinwoke
  30. Sr. M. Francisca Nwosu
  31. Sr. M. Lucy Agbahia
  32. Sr. Mary Ezemba
  33. Sr. M. Cecilia Oforjebe
  34. Sr. M. Basilia Osilem
  35. Sr. M. Theresa Anosikwa
  36. Sr. M. Joan Nwoko
  37. Sr. M. Cecilia Adinde
  38. Sr. M. Margaret Eze
  39. Sr. M. Judith Okafor
  40. Sr. M. Lovina Chibuko
  41. Sr. M. Stella Maris Onwuka
  42. Sr. M. Maureen Okoro
  43. Sr. M. Grace Okoro
  44. Sr. M. Catherine Ikenga
  45. Sr. M. Stella Igwe
  46. Sr. M. Sussan Obi
  47. Sr. M. Catherine Nnamonu
  48. Sr. M. Jacinta Nwachukwu
  49. Sr. M. Chioma Obi
  50. Sr. M. Uzochukwuamaka Muojekwu
  51. Sr. M. Caroline Enwuru
  52. Sr. M. Fidelia Nwanekezi
  53. Sr. M. Pauline Osuagwu
  54. Sr. M. Felicia Ezeofor
  55. Sr. M. Sabina Odimegwu
  56. Sr. M. Amarachukwu Nwaka
  57. Sr. M. Cecilia Enwedo
  58. Sr. M. Patricia Ejim
  59. Sr. M. Celestina Emmanuel Akpan
  60. Sr. M. Chika Ezenwabachili
  61. Sr. M. Angela Ogochukwu Onubeze
  62. Sr. M. Augusta Onuchukwu
  63. Sr. M. Perpetua Nwama
  64. Sr. M. Margaret Ibekwe
  65. Sr. M. Lawrencia Ndubuizu
  66. Sr. Doris Mary Enekwemchi
  67. Sr. M. Ngozichukwu Njoku
  68. Sr. M. Chioma Ndidiamaka Emeh
  69. Sr. M. Roseline Ezeifo
  70. Sr. M. Perpetua Umeano
  71. Sr. M. Virginia Okonkwo
  72. Sr. M. Lilian Nwachukwu
  73. Sr. M. Loretto Okwaji
  74. Sr. M. Henrietta Ozurumba
  75. Sr. M. Veronica Obi
  76. Sr. M. Theresa Chinelonma Udezue
  77. Sr. M. Clare Obi
  78. Sr. M. Monica Igwe
  79. Sr. M. Josephine Okeke
  80. Sr. M. Ann Nwosu
  81. Sr. MaryAnn Egbujor
  82. Sr. Mary Aneke
  83. Sr. M. Clementina Okoye
  84. Sr. M. Jane Okolie
  85. Sr. M. Ifeomachukwu Onyia
  86. Sr. M. Jane Frances Natti
  87. Sr. M. Ifunanyachukwu Nwokorie
  88. Sr. M. Gloria Okwara
  89. Sr. M. Milicent Egbulefu
  90. Sr. M. Sandra Okpala
  91. Sr. M. Sabina Urama
  92. Sr. Bernadine Mariet Onwubuya
  93. Sr. M. Chukwuebuka Akunne
  94. Sr. M. Pamela Eke
  95. Sr. M. Michaela Chidozie
  96. Sr. M. Ifesinachi Uzoukwu
  97. Sr. M. Regina Ejiofor
  98. Sr. M. Justina Omeh
  99. Sr. M. Ginikachukwu Nwafor
  100. Sr. M. Constantia Ajiero
  101. Sr. M. Ebubechukwu Chifonma
  102. Sr. M. Clare Emeagha
  103. Sr. Isidore Mary Onuigbo
  104. Sr. M. Esther Nwokezuike
  105. Sr. M. Sopuluchukwu Nnedum
  106. Sr. M. Juliet Onyeribe
  107. Sr. M. Toochukwu Nwosu
  108. Sr. M. Livina Ezenagu
  109. Sr. M. Rapuluchukwu Nwankwo
  110. Sr. M. Chioma Okaneme
  111. Sr. M. Leatitia Onyeoziri
  112. Sr. M. Georgeline Osueke
  113. Sr. M. Chibuzo Ogu
  114. Sr. M. Chineta Otakagu
  115. Sr. M. Vivian Akaenyi
  116. Sr. M. Anita Nwotite
  117. Sr. M. Echezonachukwu Agu
  118. Sr. M.Chiemerie Enu
  119. Sr. M. Chidi Ihedioha
  120. Sr. M. Sylvia Madu
  121. Sr. Joyce Mary Salifu
  122. Sr. M. Frances Nzeadi
  123. Sr. M. Petronilla Ibeziako
  124. Sr. M. Jennifer Ochi
  125. Sr. M. Bibian Nwobi
  126. Sr. M. Melvina Adimora
  127. Sr. Valentina Mary Ukachukwu
  128. Sr. Virginia Mary Obiefuna
  129. Sr. M. Felicitas Obi
  130. Sr. M. Stanley Okafor
  131. Sr. M. Chetachukwu Muonyili
  132. Sr. M. Afomachukwu Nwankwo
  133. Sr. M. Elizabeth Akoth Auma
  134. Sr. M. Pauline Wangechi Gichohi
  135. Sr. M. Jidechukwu Ndubueze
  136. Sr. M. Chieloka Oguadi
  137. Sr. M. Somtochukwu Ikejide
  138. Sr. M. Thelma Otuonye
  139. Sr. M. Chibuife Oranusi
  140. Sr. M. Fortunata Chukwu
  141. Sr. M. Nora Ubadiniru
  142. Sr. M.Chimelue Nwafor
  143. Sr. M. Chinecherem Nwoko
  144. Sr. M. Charity Ogugbu
  145. Sr. M. Nancy Okoro
  146. Sr. M. Petra Chukwudike
  147. Sr. M. Chijindu Anekwe
  148. Sr. M. Ekenedilichukwu Uzukwu
  149. Sr. M. Vera Nzekwe
  150. Sr. M. Esomchukwu Kenechukwu
  151. Sr. M. Veritas Onyemelukwe
  152. Sr. M. Ekenedilinna Okeagu
  153. Sr. M. Lotanna Ibeabuchi
  154. Sr. Viola Mary Ezeunara
  155. Sr. M. Chibundu Iheanacho
  156. Sr. M.Valentia Odimegwu
  157. Sr. M. Chigemezu Onyegbule
  158. Sr. M. Chibudo Okafor
  159. Sr. M. Assumpta Onyia
  160. Sr. M. Chibunma Ugochukwu
  161. Sr. M. Anthonetta Okoro
  162. Sr. M. Jennifer Ekeigwe
  163. Sr. M. Chianugo Nnubuogu
  164. Sr. M. Elonna Ugochukwu
  165. Sr. M. Chinaza Mbaegbu
  166. Sr. M. Chiemeka Aghaulo
  167. Sr. M. Ogonna Obi
  168. Sr. M. Chibude Ike
  169. Sr. M. Kosisochukwu Ukegbu
  170. Sr. M. Matilda Okoyeowelle
  171. Sr. M. Roselinda Chukwu
  172. Sr. M. Odirachukwunma Ugwuanyi
  173. Sr. M. Andrea Okonkwo
  174. Sr. M. Faustina Nwankwo
  175. Sr. M. Renetta Oyego
  176. Sr. M. Olisaemeka Okwara
  177. Sr. M. Jovita Alo
  178. Sr. M. Chichebem Obinabo
  179. Sr. M. Tobenna Alagwu
  180. Sr. M. Callistus Okweji
  181. Sr. M. Chibugo Lebechi
  182. Sr. Marietta Anisiobi
  183. Sr. M. Prudence Oriaku
  184. Sr. M. Chikezie Nzekwe
  185. Sr. M. Chimaoge Mahakwe
  186. Sr. M. Chiemela Chima
  187. Sr. M. Ogenna Ilo
  188. Sr. M. Oluomachi Nwafor
  189. Sr. M. Mmesomachi Echezona
  190. Sr. M. Chimerenma Onyegbule
  191. Sr. M. Elishebar Ongoche
  192. Sr. M. Theophilia Umeike
  193. Sr. M. Epiphania Nwangwu
  194. Sr. M. Ebubenna Agodo
  195. Sr. M. Cheluchi Emenike
  196. Sr. M. Lucinda Emenike
  197. Sr. M. Daniella Orji
  198. Sr. M. Chizirimuzo Ugoh
  199. Sr. M. Frieda Okafor
  200. Sr. M. Maranathaa Okafor
  201. Sr. M. Benista Ochi
  202. Sr. M. Udoka Onwuka
  203. Sr. M. Mildred Orjiude
  204. Sr. M. Benita Chukwuma
  205. Sr. M. Chiazokam Ezeani
  206. Sr. M. Leona Umeh
  207. Sr. M. Christiana Onyeocha
  208. Sr. M. Ifeanyinna Orizu
  209. Sr. M. Reginald Anibueze
  210. Sr. M. Lena Onuoha
  211. Sr. M. Hilda Isaac Udofia
  212. Sr. M. Peterline Ugoh
  213. Sr. Mariana Alaribe
  214. Sr. M. Jessica Ogbedeagu
  215. Sr. M. Chinem Ezenwata
  216. Sr. M. Phina Njoku
  217. Sr. M. Adeline Igweonu
  218. Sr. M. Julitta Okeke
  219. Sr. M. Elofunachukwu Ezenwokwe
  220. Sr. M. Chizuruoke Idoko
  221. Sr. M. Uzonna Orakwue
  222. Sr. M. Chetanna Udeaja
  223. Sr. M. Chineme Ikediobi
  224. Sr. M. Ifenna Ejie
  225. Sr. M. Chidera Omeje
  226. Sr. M. Chiebuka Edeh
  227. Sr. M. Ifechi Ibeneme
  228. Sr. M. Kristel Nwuba
  229. Sr. M. Oluomachi Enebeli
  230. Sr. M. Anulichukwu Oliaku
  231. Sr. M. Ngozichukwu Chukwu
  232. Sr. M. Evelyn Muonanu
  233. Sr. M. Sobechukwu Anidiobi
  234. Sr. M. Obinna Okpalaugo
  235. Sr. M. Mmachimerem Onyemelukwe
  236. Sr. M. Chidiuto Onuoha
  237. Sr. M. Christonia Kokelu
  238. Sr. Vivian Mary Udeogu
  239. Sr. M. Chichebem Ugwueze
  240. Sr. M. Uchenna Nwafor
  241. Sr. M. Chidiogo Osuagwu
  242. Sr. Emmanuela Mary Azike
  243. Sr. Mary Rose Okafor
  244. Sr. M. Cecil Okpala
  245. Sr. M. Stellina Okpalaku
  246. Sr. M. Makuochukwu Dunu
  247. Sr. M. Roseline Onyejekwe
  248. Sr. M. Nancy Ezeahizechukwu
  249. Sr. M. Chiedozie Nwachukwu
  250. Sr. M. Jacinta Nwagwu
  251. Sr. M. Charity Ifi
  252. Sr. Stella Mariet Oluwuihe
  253. Sr. Maximilian Mary Okofia
  254. Sr. M. Lawreen Nze
  255. Sr. M. Paulett Okoye
  256. Sr. M. Lily Anyiam
  257. Sr. M. Christabell Onuoha
  258. Sr. M. Christine Nze
  259. Sr. M. Chibuanulim Chukwuma
  260. Sr. M. Chidaalu Ononiwu
  261. Sr. M. Edith Amaechi
  262. Sr. M. Betty Bature
  263. Sr. M. Gloria Ugwunwangwu
  264. Sr. M. Julia Uzomba
  265. Sr. M. Diana Eneduanya
  266. Sr. M. Chiagoziem Igwe
  267. Sr. M. Kosarachi Iweanya
  268. Sr. M. Amarachi Elugwaraonu
  269. Sr. M. Sochima Anyanwu
  270. Sr. M. Chidumeje Anioke
  271. Sr. M. Priscilla Iwu
  272. Sr. M. Caroline Okeke
  273. Sr. M. Laeticia Nzomiwu
  274. Sr. M. Lilian Ehidiamhen
  275. Sr. M. Jovita Ejimonye
  276. Sr. M. Loveline Nwachukwu
  277. Sr. M. Maureen Mbanefo
  278. Sr. M. Maureen Ezeanya
  279. Sr. M. Fidelia Oguora
  280. Sr. M. Eucharia Chukwueke
  281. Sr. M. Christiana Maduko
  282. Sr. M. Agatha Ezeogwu
  283. Sr. M. Pauline Okwum
  284. Sr. M. Christiana Ebunyebe
  285. Sr. M. Josephine Nwajagu
  286. Sr. M. Perpetua Uche
  287. Sr. M. Angela Obiora
  288. Sr. M. Felicity Eluwa
  289. Sr. M. Judith Iwueze
  290. Sr. M. Chioma Ibe
  291. Sr. M. Bernardine Ozuah
  292. Sr. M. Justina Uwadoka
  293. Sr. M. Gertrude Njoku
  294. Sr. M. Victoria Onuoha
  295. Sr. M. Loveline Onwukaeme
  296. Sr. M. Laurentia Eze
  297. Sr. M. Modeline Ogba
  298. Sr. M. Perpetua Ubazuonu
  299. Sr. M. Clementina Oha
  300. Sr. M. Fidelia Nwanya
  301. Sr. M. Pobari Baridon
  302. Sr. M. Monica Ugonna
  303. Sr. M. Josephine Njoku
  304. Sr. M. Rose Ann Umeokwuaka
  305. Sr. M. Margaret-Dorothy Atuokwu
  306. Sr. M. Gloria Okonkwo
  307. Sr. M. Elizabeth Aboshin
  308. Sr. M. Chibuonu Ezeobi
  309. Sr. M. Elizabeth Ogbu
  310. Sr. M.Chicheta Maduchie
  311. Sr. M. Alice Ijeoma
  312. Sr. M. Angela Ibeagwu
  313. Sr. M. Kamsiyonna Nwaogwugwu
  314. Sr. M. Ifeoma Obiefuna
  315. Sr. M. Ogechukwu Eze
  316. Sr. M. Munachiso Udegboka
  317. Sr. M. Chikamso Ogbodo
  318. Sr. M. Jane Igenegbai
  319. Sr. M. Chidiebere Dike
  320. Sr. M. Toochi Okoye
  321. Sr. M. Justina Odili
  322. Sr. M. Cynthia Emeka
  323. Sr. M. Amaranna Ezeakor
  324. Sr. M. Victoria Eze
  325. Sr. M. Winifred Uchehara
  326. Sr. M. Chiloromma Mmogbo
  327. Sr. M. Onyekachi Asomugha
  328. Sr. M. Chidumebi Oguejiofor
  329. Sr. M. Dona Dei Akaka
  330. Sr. M. Chinekwu Obinyeluaku
  331. Sr. M. Chidiogo Okeke
  332. Sr. M. Chiemezugo Abugu
  333. Sr. M. Oluchukwu Obidigbo
  334. Sr. M. Henrietta Ubagu
  335. Sr. Maria Okafor
  336. Sr. Jane Marie Okhankhuele
  337. Sr. M. Beatrice Ilonuba
  338. Sr. Raphael Mary Okezie
  339. Sr. M. Kenenna Osiaku
  340. Sr. M. Jacinta Nwajagu
  341. Sr. M. Sylvia Nwachi
  342. Sr. M. Edidiong Udoh
  343. Sr. M. Chikaomasiri Ezenagu
  344. Sr. M. Chinwekene Offor
  345. Sr. M. Chiazokam Ugwueze
  346. Sr. M. Ifechikwulu Ugwu
  347. Sr. M. Chinachi Umeh
  348. Sr. M. Crispina Onumadu
  349. Sr. M. Hapuluchukwu Ibekwe
  350. Sr. M. Nebechi Ikwueze
  351. Sr. Stella Maris Ikejiaku
  352. Sr. M.Theresa Aniagu
  353. Sr. M.Chinyerem Onyebuchukwu
  354. Sr. M. Kanayochukwu Obah
  355. Sr. M. Chrysantus Onwurah
  356. Sr. M. Mmasichukwu Onwuzuligbo
  357. Sr. M. Akansochukwu Akunna
  358. Sr. M. Irene Nwankwo
  359. Sr. M. Chinenye Ohanekwu
  360. Sr. M. Sochinwe Chukwu
  361. Sr. M. Ifechichoro Uwaezuoke
  362. Sr. M. Sochinweotitio Anyanwu
  363. Sr. Fides Marie Okonkwo
  364. Sr. M. Ezinwanne Ohazulike
  365. Sr. M. Cyprian Akamigbo
  366. Sr. M. Sophia Egbosionu
  367. Sr. M. Chibuto Nnanna
  368. Sr. M. Germine Nzeakpawusi
  369. Sr. Bernet Maris Okoye
  370. Sr. M. Ezichi Iwu
  371. Sr. M. Dionysia Okeh
  372. Sr. M. Helena Matthew
  373. Sr. M. Lovette Mba Nsegue
  374. Sr. M. Neema Luvembe
  375. Sr. M. Ifechidere Uzonna
  376. Sr. Marie Terese Okoye
  377. Sr. M. Celine Eneogwe
  378. Sr. M. Henrietta Okafor
  379. Sr. M. Immaculata Obi
  380. Sr. M. Petrus Emekwe
  381. Sr. M. Onyedikachi Odu
  382. Sr. M. Amanda Ugwoezuonu
  383. Sr. M. Chiwetalu Ifediora
  384. Sr. M. Patricia Chiakwa
  385. Sr. Ann-Maris Steve
  386. Sr. M. Ugochi Nwokoro
  387. Sr. M. Chukwunonyelum Ikegbuna
  388. Sr. M. Rita Asika
  389. Sr. M. Lovette Nsegue Mba
  390. Sr. M. Munachiso Igwah
  391. Sr. M.Vanessa Udechukwu
  392. Sr. M. Nneoma Afocha
  393. Sr. M. Ifemyorochukwu Chukwu
  394. Sr. M. Francilia Ugadu
  395. Sr. M. Uchechi Akuakonam
  396. Sr. M. Amogechukwu Okwara
  397. Sr. Veramaria Udeh
  398. Sr. M. Thelma Njoku
  399. Sr. M. Chinaraekene Anadueme
  400. Sr. M. Onusinachi Udeh
  401. Sr. M. Ijeoma Chime
  402. Sr. M. Chinonye Eze
  403. Sr. M. Kamdilichukwu Madubuonu
  404. Sr. M. Somfechi Orakwe
  405. Sr. M. Onyinyechukwu Egbuonu
  406. Sr. M. Ucheomachukwu Onuigbo
  407. Sr. M. Marana Ezebuike
  408. Sr. M. Gloria Agbo
  409. Sr. M. Ifendu Ohabuike
  410. Sr. M. Chikaosoro Chukwuemeka
  411. Sr. M. Udoamaka Nwagu
  412. Sr. M. Joyce Kever
  413. Sr. M. Osorachukwu Nnadede
  414. Sr. M. Immaculata Anozie
  415. Sr. M. Constance Ananaba
  416. Sr. M. Milicent Odour
  417. Sr. M. Catherine Ezeafulukwe

Number of Sisters in Temporary Vows – 126


  1. Sr. M. Chinwe Etigbue 09/12/87
  2. Sr. M. Louisa Ikeji 14/08/90
  3. Sr. M. Bellarmine Chilaka 28/06/93
  4. Sr. M. Tochukwu Ngerem 12/06/95
  5. Sr. M. Ifunanyachukwu Okwara 28/11/95
  6. Sr. M. Justina Uzochukwu 30/04/98
  7. Sr. M. Oluchukwu Obikwelu 06/04/02
  8. Sr. M. Bernadette Ilo 06/12/06
  9. Sr. M. Chinedu Okoye 22/12/06
  10. Sr. Mother M. Angela Uwalaka 17/01/07
  11. Sr. M. Florence Okonkwo 07/09/07
  12. Sr. M. Veronica Ezemegwalu 08/08/08
  13. Sr. M. Regis Onuoha 12/11/08
  14. Sr. M. Anastasia Mbanefo 21/05/10
  15. Sr. M. Onyinyechukwu Ezeanya 30/07/10
  16. Sr. M. Victoria Onwumelu 01/09/11
  1. Sr. M. Martina Onyishi 01/08/12
  2. Sr. M. Theresa Ihejiagwa 23/11/12
  3. Sr. M. Christiana of Jesus Okoye 31/10/13
  4. Sr. M. Cordelia Oranusi 01/02/14
  5. Sr. M. Agnes Oguizu 04/04/14
  6. Sr. M. Chibueze Aligbe 23/07/14
  7. Sr. M. Udochukwu Odoemena 18/10/14
  8. Sr. M. Juliet Duruanyaoha 12/11/14
  9. Sr. M. Hilary Musei 18/12/14
  10. Sr. M. Catherine Okwuosah 11/02/15
  11. Sr. M. Theresa Okafor 28/07/15
  12. Sr. M. Raphael Anakwuo 15/12/15
  13. Sr. M. Edith Chimara Onyekwe 11/07/16
  14. Sr. Bethina Marie Ihekerem 12/08/16
  15. Sr. M. Ngozichukwu Asika 15/09/16
  16. Sr. M. Immaculata Ozurumba 17/10/16